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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jack Frost Time Trial

Did my first bike race of the year today, the Jack Frost Time Trial in Vancouver. It starts at Vancouver lake and goes past Frenchman's Bar park to the end of the road and back for 12.4 miles.
Last year I had a good race, but tired out around 10 miles and did a 20.5 average. This year I'm working out a ton more so I thought I'd do much better.
Yesterday it was pouring down rain, streams running down the streets type rain, so after swimming we did spinning also even though the race was the next day thinking maybe it would be too wet to race. Today it was slightly raining when we met at the club and I rode in the Headhunter's van. When we got to the lake and set up the tent and trainers it was still sprinkling. After awhile it stopped and Kevin and the others on the team went to ride. I was at 12:30 about an hour and a half after everyone else. Frank and Steve K from base were there also and they joined us at the tent. Everyone came back in and talked about a very strong headwind. I warmed up and went out to get in line.
Started out with clearing skies and slightly wet pavement. They hold you up for the start about 30 seconds ahead of your start and then let go at the start time and you take off. I started out (top picture) and hit the wind immediately- it was more than strong! Turned the corner and the wind was from the side and then another corner and the wind was at the back. So I bumped it up to 26-26.5 and cruised for awhile. Then I thought about food and how hungry I was and started drooling uncontrollably, very strange. It also knocked me down to 22-24, so I tried very hard not to think about food anymore. Got to the turnaround and took off back the other way into- WIND. Holy cow wind, it was like climbing a mountain. In the areobars I could go 16-18, out of the aerobars it was 14-16. Unfortunately my back couldn't take being in the aerobars very long- have to work on that. It seemed to take forever to finish the second half of the race- I don't like wind! Finally turned the corner to the finish line and pushed it up to 22 or so, but was worn out by then. Stopped the watch at just over 37 minutes. Last year I did 36:18, this year the results show 39:10, but everyone shows 2 minutes over what their watches said, so I'm going with 37:10 which matches my watch and a 20.02 average. Last year I beat Kevin by a minute or so and this year he beat me by 56 seconds. I did beat coach Denise by 1 second- I think her spin classes next week will be very hard! Afterwards we went to lunch at the Lakeside Chalet restaurant in Camas and I had a veggie omelet and side salad.
Things to work on- 1. Having food or snacks and drinks in the team setting, socialized so much I didn't eat or drink during the 3 hours waiting. 2. Get the back used to aerobar position for long periods of time.
First race of the year and very cool being part of a group at the event.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wauna Viewpoint Hike & Club Run

Wauna Viewpoint Hike
Sunday my Friend Kevin and I went hiking in the Gorge to Wauna Viewpoint. Got to the trailhead and realized I'd forgotten my camera- uugh! Clouds all around but clear at the trailhead. Started out and my foot hurt at first. We walked along a paved bike path that the trail starts at, but got to talking and missed the actual trail and did a half mile each way extra. The trail goes up through big trees and lots of moss. The trail had a few down trees to go over, but nice. At one point it started raining slightly and then the rain hurt. Looked at the ground and saw ice pellets- it was hailing. Got to the top and it had cleared again and there was a great view of the Gorge and Cascade Locks. Wish I'd had the camera- next time. Stats: 5.8 miles 900 feet gain. Surprisingly the foot felt normal afterwards, not even a twinge.
Club Run
Had the holiday off (Monday) so I went to Cecelie's ab-leg class and it was sooo hard that every inch of my clothes were wet with sweat. She said afterwards that she had missed her run, so we would run on Tuesday. Today (Tuesday) got to the club and it was raining, so we did spin instead. I had the day off so we decided to run in the early afternoon. As I left the club it was hailing- typical Northwest winter day. Went back at 1:30 and there was a clear spot over the club area (top picture) and the pavement was starting to dry. We started out really slow and then picked it up incrementally and Cecelie would ask if my foot was ok. She's normally a 7 minute pace runner, but she slowed it down and ran my pace. After a mile or so I was talking...like...this... Haven't got my running lungs back yet. At one point I looked at my Garmin and it said we were doing an 8:01 pace, so I checked a little later and it was 8:08. About 4 miles in I was getting winded and the foot hurt so we slowed way down and came into the club at 4.6 miles at an 8:55 pace. The foot is tender, but not painful.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Club Ride and Springwater Run

First I have to apologize to Matt for not giving him credit as the one who tagged me in the last post.
Today's forecast was sunny and 60, so at swim-spin we decided to ride outside instead of spin. Unfortunately the sunny part hadn't materialized by the end of swimming. But 12 of us did it anyway. It was 46 and foggy when we started, but fun to be in a group that big. Ended up at the front of the group with my training partner Ceselie in front of me. Three weeks ago I had trouble keeping up with her and today I wanted to stay with her even on the hills and I did for 90% of the ride. At one point of the ride she went back to ride with her husband, so I thought, so I ended up in the lead position. Denise (coach) had me slow down to get the group together and then she said- go- so I pushed it up to 18 on a slight uphill and did a quick look back and saw someone behind me and thought the group was there. Pushed it up a little hill at 14-15 and at the top found it was only Ceselie and myself with the group about 30 seconds back. I think I'm getting better on the bike with all the spinning and leg workouts. About 2 or 3 miles from the end I tired out but finished out the ride at 23.8 miles and a 16 average. I had a black streak up my back that was worse than Tuesday according to some people (Neese: the wet road grime shooting off my back tire causes the streak), several people had black spots all over their faces. We were supposed to run afterwards for 2 miles, but I stopped to talk to Stephanie who works out at the base while she was on a stationary bike and ended up talking so long I missed the group run. By the time we went to coffee, the fog had lifted and the pavement had dried and it was beautiful and 64 out.
When I got home I couldn't stay inside and waste the nice day, so I decided to go run. Went to Gresham city park (same as my last run) and went the other direction on the Springwater from my last run (top picture). The foot hurt pretty bad at first, but then settled down when I slowed a little and I went ahead and went out 1.55 according to the Garmin and back for a 5K. Did 3.1 miles in 28:07 at a 9:04 pace and the foot is only a little tender now, no limping or sharp pain so far.
Stats for the day: 2000 meter swim, 23.8 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.

Friday, February 16, 2007


1: Describe a memory from your first triathlon ever: I remember being really nervous and making my back lock up the week before. Then at the tri I did the swim and had to go, so I ran into the locker room and couldn't find the bathroom part at first and had a long first transition. It was at the University of Oregon and the bike part went on a bike path in Eugene and there were people walking their dogs, had to slow down and stop a couple of times. Slowed down to say hi to the volunteer girls also, now I"'m a racer- I don't slow for anything. But that race still lingers, almost every moment even though my time was horrible compared to afterwards- can't beat that first time experience!!!
2: Describe a memory from your most recent triathlon: My last triathlon was in The Dalles Oregon and we swam in the Columbia river and the waves were high. At one point they washed over me completely. At first got mouthfuls of water, then I got the rhythm of the waves.
3: What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in a tri? Knock on wood- nothing embarrassing. Of course I tend to wipe embarrassing moments from memory as soon as they happen. I guess the fact that I have yet to do an Olympic distance tri without having to stop and pee once, usually on the run would be embarrassing.
4: What’s the most thrilling thing that’s happened to you in a tri? The scenery- when I'm on the bike in a really scenic race and just looking around while flying along at a good pace- magical!
5: What is something you discovered about yourself by doing triathlons? That I was soooo out of shape all my life! I thought I was in good shape until I started doing tris- this is a whole other level of fitness. To do the full-ironman will be to ascend toward the top level.
6:What is The Big Goal that you’re working towards? I've signed up for the Lake Stevens half in July. Working towards the Grand Columbian full in September. With my Plantar still in healing, the full seems more like a distant dream- but I'll train and see what happens.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday LaCamas Lake Ride

Sorry, no picture. Ceselie (girl I train with), said she wanted to do the Lacamas lake ride we did a couple of weeks ago every week on Tuesdays. So I got there and it was slightly sprinkling and no Ceselie. But Bridget was there and ready to go. She said she'd never ridden in winter type weather. It was 43 or so, but comfortable with layers. We did the same route that Ceselie and I did before, but I led this time. I had to wait at the top of the hills for Bridget to catch up, but downhill and on the flats she was right with me. About 3 miles from the end it started to really rain. By then it was ok, it was nice to be riding outside instead of spinning. We finished up and wiped the bikes down and hung them back up. I had a giant black streak up my back that got several comments from people. Stats: 18.2 miles and no idea what the average was- I forgot to look before I hung the bike up. Ceselie had also said last Thursday when we were swimming after spin that she wanted to do 2000 meters continuously during the week. So we decided on Wednesday after track, so tomorrow at 10 I'll swim, probably not track yet. Although Bridget said she missed me at track because we were the same pace running wise. Got called for availability for a commercial tomorrow, so I may miss swimming.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Short Run

Went in to work early today, so when I got off it was light out and 52, so it was a good time to do another run. I ran 1 and 1/2 miles last Saturday, so I ran 2 miles today. Went to Gresham City park and did the Springwater trail from there. Rolled along at what seemed an easy relaxed pace and finished at 17:02 for an 8:31 pace. Foot hurt afterwards, but not too bad. Should be able to do 5K next and then try back to 2 times a week. Throw track back in and then up to three times a week, hopefully.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I can run again! I can run again.. maybe

Sorry, no picture. Yesterday after swim-spin I decided to try a small run. It was exactly 40 days since my last run, the longest without running in almost 10 years. Went for a 2 mile walk on Friday and it only hurt a little. Saturday I went with the slower group, Denise (coach), Kevin, Nicole, and Mark. We started out and nothing hurt- I felt really good and hit an early runner's high and kicked it out a little and left everyone behind. You know that feeling of pure bliss when you accelerate in a smooth fast burst? Slowed to almost a stop at the corner after about .3 miles to see which way to go. At about a half mile everyone except myself and Denise went straight to do 2 miles and Denise and I ran in nice and slow and easy to finish with a mile and a half in 14:03. Not too bad painwise, at coffee afterwards I was limping slightly, but iced at home and could walk fairly normal after that. Today I took my dog for a half mile walk and only one spasm of the foot, so for now I say I'm back!! Probably try 2 miles next and work up from there. It's been 4 or 5 years since I've run any distance lower than a 5K, sort of been my minimum.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

LaCamas Lake Ride

Saturday after swim-spin Ceselie said she wanted to ride outside on Tuesday. Tuesday it was clear, but very windy, so we did spin-swim instead. Last night I did what Deb (Green Pea) suggested and just did 1/2 hour of Ceselie's ab-leg class, the part that wouldn't hurt my foot and she said let's try again Thursday. So this morning it was 36 outside by my Jeep, but clear and not windy. Three other girls beside Ceselie were going to go, but wimped, so it was just the 2 of us. We left the club and took off, she is a very strong rider. Ceselie knew the area, so she led and I tried to keep up. Around the back side of Lacamas lake on Lake Road it is a long gradual hill that wore me down. I'm spinning 3 times a week and swimming 3 times a week as a brick with weights on the inbetween days- should be in shape. The hills were hard, plus the cold air made me gasp and I didn't bring my inhaler that I got in December for running. Anyway, it was a beautiful ride even in the cold and other than the hills, very fast. Ceselie was having derailer problems so we didn't go up the huge hill on Lake Road, but turned and did a modified loop over some of the roads we did earlier. Overall it was 18.1 miles at a 16.6 average. Didn't swim afterwards, so no brick today. The top picture is of me looking out over the lake.
Injury update- my plantar gets better by tiny increments everyday, still hurts walking any distance over a mile, so I may wait to run until after that stops. In answer to Papa Louie's comment if it is better in barefeet- it's actually worse with barefeet. Which leads me to think it isn't the shoes, could be though. The literature Kaiser gave me says any change in exercise pattern or shoes. Ceselie said I improved way too fast during track workouts and she thinks that did it. I think a combo of things, adding track and my calf seized up four days before the last run, so maybe it was still tight when I ran and caused it to go when I forgot to stretch? Whatever it's done and I have to fix it with time, stretching, ice, etc.