oregon adventures

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Climb in Seattle

Back in March I went to Seattle to do the Big Climb where you climb the tallest building- the Columbia Center. Started out from Portland and stopped at the Washington state capitol building and toured it. Also took the exit for the Tacoma Narrows bridge and drove over that and ate lunch in Gig Harbor. Checked into the Doubletree Arctic hotel in downtown Seattle. Very nice hotel, where I had a corner room.
The next day I went to packet pickup over by Green Lake. Afterwards I went to Discovery park and did a 5 mile hike around the park with views of the Olympic Mountains. Then found Queen Anne park and took a picture of downtown with Mt Rainer in the background. Then stopped at the Olympic Sculpture park.
Sunday morning I went down by the water to the waterfront path and did a 9.6 mile run. Started out thinking maybe 7 or so, but saw a cool bridge so did some extra over that and so on until I had 9.6. Then back to the hotel for a shower and then across the street to the big climb. Got in line and started walking up the stairs. 69 floors later I was at the top. Got a picture of the Smith Tower and after I was done with the big climb, I walked over to the Smith Tower and rode the elevator to top and got a picture of the Columbia Center. Walked around downtown some and spent one more night in the hotel. The next day I went to Seattle University library and copied some pictures of a distant relative for my Dad. Then back to Portland in time for swingshift.

Van Lake Half & Shamrock 15K

Back in January I ran the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon. Rode in the Headhunters team van to the race. It was raining pretty good, and cold. I wore two hats, one to cover the ears and one with a bill for the rain. Started out with the group and fell back and then Tonia fell back and we ran together with me telling stories the whole way. Finished in 2:18 for a 10:33 pace. Went to The Rock pizza place afterwards and had a Claifornia Dreaming pizza. In early March, did the Shamrock 15K downtown. Rode in the Headhunter van downtown. Started out with the group and started running with Tiffini and we pulled ahead of the group until the Terwelliger hill. Then we slowed down to run with the group. About that time a guy rode up on a bike offering VooDoo doughnuts. Coach Denise actually took one and ate it, after that she took off like a bolt. I stayed and ran with Tiffini. We got to about 7 miles and I fell back and then thought about and pushed it to rejoin with her. By this time Renee had joined so the three of us ran until about a half mile out and they sprinted in and I just cruised in for a 1:33 for a 10:03 pace. Afterwards we tried to go to the Industrial Cafe but it was jammed as was other places. Finally ended up at Joe Brown diner in Vancouver for pancakes and omelets. In Febuary, I went to Warner Robins AFB Georgia for a conference. Ran 9 miles around the base one afternoon. Tried to go swimming at the base pool another night, but it was full with a water aerobics class. Just one run for the whole week as a workout. The last day we went to Atlanta to catch the flight home and before the flight went to the Jimmy Carter center to see his museum and then to Mary Mac's for lunch- fantastic food.