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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ft. Vancouver Bike Ride

Thursday was a beautiful day out, so a group of us decided to ride outside instead of spin. We started out with 7, but after a few miles 3 turned off to do a 2 bridge loop. Myself and 3 girls went out to Ft. Vancouver which is a restored fort from the Hudson Bay Company days when the Washington side was British territory. Then up through the more modern Fort area with officer's row- a bunch of Civil war and after officer's houses. Trust me they're really pretty, unfortunately I didn't have my camera on the ride and had to go to work afterwards. I was going to drive by and take a picture of the area today after the group swim, but it was pouring down rain. Anyway, the ride was very nice and mostly flat with one steep short hill. Stats: 24.5 miles and a 15.0 average.
Today was group swim and spin. 2200 meter swim and then into the spin room where the bikes are on trainers. We do 1 and 1/4 hours at high intensity and then the last couple weeks some of stay and do the 45 minute more normal spin class afterwards for a total of 2 hours. Then down to the town of Camas to Natalia's a really nice little place that makes great blueberry pancakes and veggie omelets. It was misty and foggy this morning which is why we stayed inside. Before spin though a very pretty girl I regularly spin with said "Jeff, will you ride outside with me?" I looked outside and saw the fog and mist and saw my bike already on the trainer and said no. I still feel bad about that- I can't remember ever saying no to a pretty girl before! So of course now in the late afternoon the sun is out and it's blue sky- so I took a picture out my window (top picture).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dahlia Road Hill Repeats

This morning I got up super early (I work nights until 12 midnight) and made it to the club by 0830 for track workout. Today was hill repeats up Dahlia Road which is near the club. It's between .35 and .4 to the top and is like climbing stairs without the stairs. We started out a little before the top picture and it gets progressively steeper. By the time we got to the curve at the top of the top picture I was doing just faster than a speedwalk with Bridget while Cecilie glided up. Middle picture is looking down from almost the top down to the curve, that's the steepest part.
We did 4 repeats with a slow jog back down. Bridget and I stayed together each time and did from 4:12 to 4:28 each time. Surprisingly the heart rate was high, but not anaerobic. The bottom picture is at the top of the curve looking down.
Then for the real surprise, Cecilie said "do 3.5 now?" Everyone said yes, and off we went around a known loop route for 3.5 miles more. I only had to beg Cecilie to slow down once. Then into the pool where we did 1500, then 300 doing different drills.
Monday I ran with Cecilie, she said she wanted to do 7 miles. We went at a fairly even pace, not fast or slow. She surprised me by taking two small walk breaks to drink water. The first one I stopped my Garmin and forgot to start it up until about .3 miles later. So I don't have a total time, but the Garmin says an 8:55 pace for 6.66 miles. We did a total of 7 with two pretty good hills in there. Then into the pool where we did 4 600's. Plus I did her ab class that night- very hard class.
Tuesday, just 1 hour spin class. It's a 45 minute class, but Cecilie and I stay and spin to make a full hour. Her husband does the class sometimes and was there Tuesday and had saved a place beside her for me- very cool. This time 3 girls stayed and spun with us for the extra 15 minutes.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Two runs and Three Bike Rides

First I have to apologize for not commenting on other blogs as much this week.
Saturday the 17th after our group swim of 2100 meters we decided to go outside and ride. We broke into two groups and I ended up in the "fast" group with my training partner Cecilie (C). She had run 20 miles Friday, so I was able to keep up with her the whole ride and she even let me lead sometimes. We had a group of 7 of us and the route had a lot of hills and one big one called Mt Pleasant that after last Thursday's ride (last post) was quite easy and "pleasant". It was sunny but early enough in the morning that there was fog in places and the sun-fog mix with farmland and hill vistas was really pretty- sorry no pictures. The last part of the ride went down a great 41 mph hill and then through the town of Washougal so we had to go slow then and it turned into a social pace ride back to the club. Stats: 35.2 miles at a 14.8 average.
I was going to run Sunday, but C said she runs on Monday and wouldn't mind if I joined, so I ran on Monday. We did a 5.5 mile loop that starts up the road to the track (top picture). I had gotten a heart rate monitor and this was the first run with it. We started slow and then were flying along (it seemed to me) at a 7:50 pace and I noticed my HR was over anaerobic threshold, so C said "slow it down" and we did. The last part was on a windy two lane road with no shoulder and it was raining by then, but we made it no problem in 48:09 for an 8:45 pace. Then into the pool where we did 600,500,600,500. Notice I didn't mention anything about foot pain? None!!
Wednesday I woke up super early to be there by 8:30 and do track work. I haven't run on just 1 day off in awhile, so I was planning on just going slow while C and Bridget (B) did 12 800's. I kept to the plan at first and did 2 miles on the track at a 10 minute pace and keeping the heartrate at 154 or so. Then the urge to socialize with C and B while they walked in between 800's took over. Then they would start up and I ended up running with B at a 3:58 pace while C did 3:25 or so. I thought one wouldn't hurt, then one more and I'll stop. After 3 800's C said only 3 more, so of course I had to finish the last 3. So I ended up doing 6 800's at a 4 minute each pace. That's 3 miles on top of the 2 I did by myself and it's 1.2 to get to the track and we ran moderately fast back to the club for 1.2. I did a 7.4 mile run without intending to. The girls did 8.4, 6 miles of 800's. But that's only the beginning of Wednesday!! Then to the pool and the 3 of us did 2 X 1100. The cold water of the pool worked wonders on the legs. The weather was beautiful by then, so B drove home real quick and got some of her husband's bike clothes and a helmet for me and she made us peanut butter sandwiches! Then- you guessed it- out on the bike. Coach Denise and another girl joined us for the ride. They had fresh legs though. We went pretty fast and had some hills to climb up. Did 11.5 miles with a 15.8 average because of stopping to regroup. 5 plus hours of workouts and C remarked "at the ironman we'd still have 10 hours to go". Our legs were pretty much wiped though. I just had enough time to make it to work.
Then today (Thursday) when I got to spin, B and 4 other girls were going to ride outside, so of course I joined them. After 5 miles we came to a shortcut and B asked if I was ok or turn here and end it- "I'm ok- you?" "Fine", so on we went at a relaxing social pace with only a few hills for 30.1 miles at a 15.3 average.
I had planned to join C for the last part of her long run tomorrow because I have the day off, but I think I'm going to sleep in instead.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Camas Hill Ride

Yesterday was a blue sky day with the forecast saying 65. Got to the club in the morning and my Jeep said 38, but clear. Five of us (Karrie, Bridget, Karen, Nicole, and myself) decided to ride outside instead of spin. Karrie took the lead since she had a route in mind. She kept a really good pace around LaCamas lake and up the small hills. I stayed behind Bridget to encourage her up the hills. When we turned off the main road I led because there weren't anymore turns for awhile. The girls said go until you see a castle and then turn left. A castle? One of the girls had heard it was a fireman who really wanted a castle, so he built one (top picture). Past the castle we rode along a beautiful country road with meadows and cows, of course I mooed at them. Then down a long hill with sharp turns. Then through the town of Camas behind the large paper mill which I had only seen from the highway, never up close. Then Karrie said to turn up Forest Home road, she admitted she'd never ridden up it before. Nobody in the group had before. A couple of miles later and a heart rate through the roof, I made it to the top followed closely by Karrie and then Karen. Karen and I had triple rings, so Karrie is a strong rider with only a double. Nicole and Bridget had doubles so they took a while to get up the last part. I think I averaged 5 mph up that thing- great workout hill! Then down through the neighborhood above the club and back with 18.8 miles and a 13.7 average.
Monday I ran around the base 2 times plus a little more to swing by the mailbox and drop a letter in. I felt really good and before I started the foot didn't hurt at all, afterwards a lot. Came in at 27:21 for an 8:17 pace, and that includes slowing to drop the letter in. Tuesday the foot still hurt so I went to Kaiser and told my PA about some medicine I saw on Jodi's site (flurandrenolide). My PA had to look it up and found they had one- in tape form. Put the tape on at work and almost fell over a little later- very strong medicine. It made me very tired, but the foot stopped hurting and now just a slight pain sometimes when I move fast- thanks DR Jodi!

Monday, March 12, 2007

VO2 Testing Results

Here are the results from my test on Tuesday. Not sure what number to use- Peak on the run was 54, so is that the number? Anyway, his notes are right on target, I can ride centuries, but have a hard time staying with the peloton in a race.

Metabolic Testing Results
Name: Jeff Macey
Date: March 6th
Age: 46 years
Weight: 215 lbs

Test Results:

Test Type: Run (7.0 mph)

Peak VO2: 54.3 ml/kg*min

Anaerobic Threshold (AT):
VO2 AT : 54.3 ml/kg*min
VO2 (% of Peak) 100%
HR AT : 177 bpm
Speed AT : 7.0 mph
Grade AT : 6%
Watts AT :
Aerobic Threshold (AeT):
VO2 AeT : 40.7 ml/kg*min
VO2 (% of Peak) 75%
Heart Rate AeT : 150 bpm
Speed AeT : 7.0 mph
Grade AeT : 0%
Watts AeT :

Test Type: Bike (30 watt step)

Peak VO2: 51.2 ml/kg*min

Anaerobic Threshold (AT):
VO2 AT : 45.0 ml/kg*min
VO2 (% of Peak) 88%
HR AT : 168 bpm
Speed AT :
Grade AT :
Watts AT : 300 watts
Aerobic Threshold (AeT):
VO2 AeT : 30.1 ml/kg*min
VO2 (% of Peak) 59%
Heart Rate AeT : 140 bpm
Speed AeT :
Grade AeT :
Watts AeT : 210 watts

Heart Rate Training Zones:

Threshold Training (z5a/E2): 171-180+ (to increase threshold)
Anaerobic Threshold: 177 bpm
Intensive Aerobic Tempo (z4/E1): 166-177 (to increase muscular endurance
and function of top-end aerobic)
Extensive Aerobic Tempo (z3/A2): 155-166 (endurance development)
Aerobic Threshold (z2/A1): 145-155 (easy intensity endurance)
Recovery (z1/R): <135 (easy recuperative training)
Threshold Training (z5a/E2): 168-178+ (to increase threshold)
Anaerobic Threshold: 168 bpm
Intensive Aerobic Tempo (z4/E1): 156-168 (to increase muscular endurance
and function of top-end aerobic)
Extensive Aerobic Tempo (z3/A2): 145-156 (endurance development)
Aerobic Threshold (z2/A1): 135-145 (easy intensity endurance)
Recovery (z1/R): <130 (easy recuperative training)

A Note on using Heart Rates for monitoring training: Use of heart rate within training to set and control training intensity can be a tremendously valuable tool. However, realize that heart rate values can be affected by a variety of factors (such as fatigue, anxiety, medications, dehydration, caffeine, etc) and heart rate values may change day by day or even within a day. As you begin using these zones, pay attention to the perceived exertion and be open to small adjustments of heart rate due to such factors.

Testing & Result Notes:
Jeff –
Great to see you at the club and have the chance to help test you out! Overall – nice job – looks like you’re in pretty solid shape.
To review your results –
Run – Fantastic aerobic conditioning but as you noted in the test – once you hit threshold you weren’t comfortable going beyond. Incorporating threshold and leg strength work is going to be key to prepare your muscles to handle working at higher intensities.
Bike – Again – great conditioning. I’m guessing that you’re able to ride solidly for time but going to higher intensities is a tough challenge. Again – a bit of leg strength to increase your muscular strength in prep for higher intensity activities.
Also, a touch of z3 (lower end tempo work) should help bring up your pace at aerobic threshold. A pace that you’ll be very comfortable hanging for very long distances.
Make sure to get that HR monitor and let me know if I can answer any further questions. I’d be interested to see what your data looks like after a few rides and runs while using your heart rate monitor.

Understanding VO2 Values:
Women (values in ml/kg/min)
Age Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent Superior
13-19 <25.0 25.0 - 30.9 31.0 - 34.9 35.0 - 38.9 39.0 - 41.9 >41.9
20-29 <23.6 23.6 - 28.9 29.0 - 32.9 33.0 - 36.9 37.0 - 41.0 >41.0
30-39 <22.8 22.8 - 26.9 27.0 - 31.4 31.5 - 35.6 35.7 - 40.0 >40.0
40-49 <21.0 21.0 - 24.4 24.5 - 28.9 29.0 - 32.8 32.9 - 36.9 >36.9
50-59 <20.2 20.2 - 22.7 22.8 - 26.9 27.0 - 31.4 31.5 - 35.7 >35.7
60+ <17.5 17.5 - 20.1 20.2 - 24.4 24.5 - 30.2 30.3 - 31.4 >31.4
Men (values in ml/kg/min)
Age Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent Superior
13-19 <35.0 35.0 - 38.3 38.4 - 45.1 45.2 - 50.9 51.0 - 55.9 >55.9
20-29 <33.0 33.0 - 36.4 36.5 - 42.4 42.5 - 46.4 46.5 - 52.4 >52.4
30-39 <31.5 31.5 - 35.4 35.5 - 40.9 41.0 - 44.9 45.0 - 49.4 >49.4
40-49 <30.2 30.2 - 33.5 33.6 - 38.9 39.0 - 43.7 43.8 - 48.0 >48.0
50-59 <26.1 26.1 - 30.9 31.0 - 35.7 35.8 - 40.9 41.0 - 45.3 >45.3
60+ <20.5 20.5 - 26.0 26.1 - 32.2 32.3 - 36.4 36.5 - 44.2 >44.2
Sample Values from Elite Athletes
Highest Recorded Female (Cross-Country Skier): 74
Highest Recorded Male (Cross-Country Skier): 94
Steve Prefontaine, US runner, 84.4
Frank Shorter, US Olympic Marathon winner, 71.3
Ingrid Kristiansen, ex-Marathon World Record Holder, 71.2
Derek Clayton, Australian ex-Marathon World Record holder, 69.7
Rosa Mota, Marathon runner, 67.2
Jeff Galloway, US Runner, 73.0
Greg LeMond, professional cyclist, 92.5
Matt Carpenter, Pikes Peak marathon course record holder, 92
Miguel Indurain, professional cyclist, 88
Lance Armstrong, 85
Does your VO2 really matter?
Not as much as we might give it credit. Make no mistake – VO2 testing measures the body’s ability to efficiently utilize oxygen and can give a glimpse into one aspect (genetic) of athletic potential. However, what we find is that athletes gifted with such high values often are missing in other critical factors of athletic performance. Those include factors that go into efficiency (strength, flexibility, and fundamental mechanics and skills at high speeds) as well as the psychological and physiological abilities of a strong work ethic (focus, discipline, consistency) and the ability of the mind and body to absorb higher training loads that their competitors.
As you can see from the values of some of the world champion athletes and former Olympians even athletes with lower VO2 values can out race their competitors. Economy at speeds has far greater impact on the results within a competition. Athletes who show great efficiency and economy of movement are able to complete the same workload without using as great of a percentage of their VO2, thus saving energy and having the ability to tap that ‘fifth gear’ in a race and surge past their competitors.
Ask Dr. Testa, a pioneer in VO2max testing and research, on testing and application and he will say – “Genes determine who makes it into the peloton (the "pack" in professional bike racing), but not who wins the race."
Happy Training!
Coach Mark Kendall
SpeedSHOT Racing & Coaching Services

Friday, March 09, 2007

VO2 Testing and 2 Runs

VO2 Testing
Tuesday a guy came out to the club I go to and performed VO2 testing on a group of us. I started out on the treadmill and warmed up at a 3 mph walk and then put on a heart rate monitor and got hooked up to the breath tester (top picture). Started running and he would slowly increase the speed until I got to my 5K pace and then he added incline all the way to 6% where I felt like I couldn't breath anymore and waved to stop. As soon as I stopped and started to catch my breath I felt like a wimp and I could have gone a lot longer. Then onto my bike on a trainer and easy spinning trying to keep an 80-90 cadence while Cecilie did the running portion (middle picture). When she was done I got hooked up and had to spin at an even 90 while the resistance got slowly harder. Got to a point after awhile that it became hard and he coaxed me on saying "more, push it, go for it, etc." Finally the resistance got to a point where even standing I could only push at 40 or so and it was over. I was soaked afterwards (bottom picture). I had been putting off this post to get the results, but coach Denise told me the results will be next week. She said I was a monster on the bike part and nobody lasted as long as me. I had to go to work right after the test so I didn't get to watch the others.

Springwater Run
Saturday the 3rd I worked dayshift and had some daylight afterwards, so I went to Gresham city park and ran the Springwater trail in the same direction as last week. I had done hill running on the Wednesday before (last post), so I took it easy and went nice and slow. Did 3.2 miles in 30:37 for a 9:34 pace. Afterwards while stretching, my ankle on the foot with plantar problems moved- very, very strange feeling. Have you ever had a moment in injury recovery where all of a sudden you know it's going to get better? That was the moment for me. It stills hurts sometimes, but is rapidly getting better.

Base Run
After going to work on Tuesday after VO2 testing and not having my normal hour-long spin class, I decided to run during work for my exercise hour. This week both shifts are combined, so I ran with Mike who's on days and is a 5-6 minute pace runner. He said, "you set the pace". Towards the end of the first lap around I was getting winded and looked at the Garmin and it said a 7:54 pace, tried to keep it there for as long as I could, but couldn't talk, so I slowed it down a little. We did 2 laps for 3.2 miles and a 27:03 time for an 8:27 pace. The foot hurt a little, but more of an annoyance that wouldn't go away instead of a limp causing pain.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hill Running

Wednesday I decided to try and go back to track workout even though I'm still having Plantar issues. Got to the club and Ceselie and Bridget were ready to go do hill repeats. I'm a flat land runner so I need hill practice. Unfortunately or fortunately, it was 37 out and snowing huge flakes that didn't stick except higher up, so the hill they usually do that is very steep was slippery, so we started out for the hill in the top picture which is a road that goes the back way into Camas Meadows golf course. The snow stopped shortly after we started and turned to slight rain and then stopped. The hill is .3 miles long and the first time seemed really good. Ceselie went up smoothly while Bridget and I ran together breathing hard. I thought "no problem", then a slow jog back down and do it again, the second time it started to get hard. The third time reminded me of some of the summer olympic tris I did last year where I died on the hills in the run. The fourth time my foot started to really hurt, so I waited at the top while the girls did a fifth time. Then a nice social pace run back to the club for a total distance of 5.8 miles and I didn't keep a total time. I wanted to time the hill repeats, but was breathing too hard to remember to stop the watch. When we got back to the club we immediately changed and hit the pool and did 2 X 1000's with each of us doing 100 meter pulls and a 45 second rest between 1000's. With the three of us, it flew by and we were done in no time. We even remarked to each other how easy that seemed. Later my foot (left) hurt a little, but my right calf tightened and hasn't let go yet.
Yesterday during spin class, coach Denise told everyone to give me a hand because I beat her in the Jack Frost time trial (I beat her by 1 second). Then we had a very hard class- afterwards 3 girls told me to let her win next time- I think they joking? It was a good class, need to be at that level now that it's March.
Have to work this weekend (forecast says 61 and sunny) and next weekend, so I'll miss 2 swim-spin Saturdays in a row. Plus different shifts during the week next week, oh well, it's only one week.
Official results came out for the Jack Frost time trial (last post) and they had me at 37:10 which matched my watch.