oregon adventures

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Boise Half Ironman

Last weekend I did the Boise 70.3 half ironman triathlon. The picture is at about 1 AM after the race in downtown Boise- but first we really had to earn those car bombs!!
Drove over with Jason as we followed the van with our bikes on the van trailer. Ate lunch at the Wildhorse casino in Pendleton Oregon and made it over to Boise by late afternoon and did packet pickup and bought jerseys, socks, etc at the expo. Then dropped the bikes off at the Lucky Peak reservoir were it rained and was cold. Luckily I had a bike jacket packed for the trip. Then to an Italian place where we closed it down. The next day the race didn't start until 2 PM, so we had time to sleep in and go slow. By the time we got to the lake parking was almost full and we had to walk a ways. Got in line for the bike pump top off and Natalie had to go find the porta-pottie, so I wheeled both our bikes through the line and got air and she got caught in the porta line. Then they were saying "everyone out of transition" so we finished up and the pros started. I was about 35 minutes after the pros and Natalie was 40 minutes after, so we got ready and hung out saying good luck to everyone. The wind started to kick up and then into the water- omg cold. So I dunked my face to get over the initial shock of it being cold. Bob said to draft him and we'd switch after the first buoy. Started out and instantly forgot about the cold water and never thought of it again. Stayed with Bob about 30 feet and my left goggle filled up, so I was one-eyed and lost Bob. The waves had come up by then, so I found seeing the waves and spray was dizzying, so I closed my eyes and counted five strokes and looked up one-eyed for the buoys all through what seemed like a forever swim. Got a mouthful of water a couple times as the waves got bigger and bigger. Later I found out that a buoy had come loose and we did several hundred meters extra going around it. A kayaker was yelling to not follow it- but I didn't hear him and others didn't until they were almost to the buoy. Oh well! 2 buoys before the end someone kicked my arm at the exact right spot and off flew my watch- I felt it hit my leg and then off into the depth- so no watch the whole race. Came out and ran up the ramp to a large cheering crowd. Then something new for me- wetsuit strippers! Wow she was fast, laid down feet up stand up and the suit is draped on my arm all in seconds. I found out later I did a 43 minute swim- many others were over 50- roughest swim I've ever done.
The bike should have been great, it was a somewhat hilly course, but some speedy flats too. The problem was the black from sky to ground everywhere you looked. The ride started out great going 22-23 and then as the climbs started it started to rain. Then the course goes up a really steep hill to a birds of prey park. It was torrential downpour by then. People were flying down the soaked and riverlet crossed road. Me- I was braking in terror the whole downhill at a very slow speed. I have a full ironman in a couple months, so I didn't want to wipe out. Then we climbed up onto a mesa and the wind just beat everyone down on top of the on and off downpours. Then with it streaming down rain the last 6 miles or so were downhill into town. Got dicey in spots but I cranked as best I could safely go and finished with an 18.7 average for 56 miles.
Then to the run which was a two loop run along the river path in downtown Boise. Had to make a pit stop and when I came out Bob passed me. Saw everyone from the club that had come over to do the race on the run as it had a large out and back. The second loop started 50 feet from the finish line which should have been disheartening, but wasn't because you got to see the crowd and get cheered on. Jessica was there taking pictures and I slowed down to pose. The rain stopped for the run so you only had to dodge the big puddles left. At the end I sprinted along the edge high-fiving everyone and then did a flying leap and slapped the overhead finish bar. They got a great picture of me in mid air, but I haven't bought it yet. Finished with a time of 5:59:11. Good for 55 of 104 for my age group and 606 of 1186 overall. Great event and fantastic volunteers. They were out there in the pouring rain all day cheering and staying on course. After having pizza, myself, Natalie, Anita, Julie, Tom, and Jason found a bar and had car bombs and I also had 4 beers- very happy after that.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Crowley Movie and Decorating

I decided to start fixing up my Very neglected house. So my daughter is my decorator and I'm the payee. I found a really cool black glass dining room table at Dania, but she said "no" and we went to Furniture Connexion and found this glass wine rack table. The perfect table for a Vineman (I did the 70.3 last year and am doing the full Vineman ironman this year)themed dining room. She got inspired and we shopped and she painted and assembled while I was at work and these are the pictures! Since then she has done window treatment. Putting the centerpiece inside the table under the glass was genius to me and makes the whole thing. Then she picked the colors and painted the whole upstairs in a rush because I'm having new carpet installed as I write this. To sell I should have gone hardwood floors, but after I quit triathlons, I can do the hardwood myself. The only reason I wanted to sell and move to Camas was because that's where I work out all the time. Since losing Natalie, I don't go to the club very often. Still train with the Headhunter's, but not everyday anymore. So when I meet a girl who will accept a ring, then I'll worry about moving. Enough weird ranting.
Did my first film job since 2007 this week. The project is called Crowley and is a CBS movie with Brandon Frasier and Harrison Ford. I was in a hospital scene where Brandon Frasier runs in looking for one of his kids. I started out at a flower stand in line with the camera with a beautiful woman and ended up walking in front of Brandon as he rounds the corner instead. Since I'm as tall as him I think I'm just a block so they know when to switch scenes- probably won't be seen because I was right in front of the camera and between Brandon and the camera and no make-up. Talked to one incredible girl on set who was also an extra. She models and had done a shoot in South America and does mostly hiking pictures. She was really pretty and animated.
Two weeks until the Boise 70.3!! I feel ready. It's the Vineman full that I don't feel even remotely ready for- we'll see. Two months until that- but one race at a time. Boise here I come!