oregon adventures

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shamrock Run 5K

Happy Easter! Last weekend I did the Shamrock Run in downtown Portland. The day before was a 20 mile run day, so 5 of us started out after the 2000 meter group swim. My right leg was cramping up all week, so I ended up turning off at 14 miles and taking an alternate route back to the club for 17.5 miles instead of 20.
Then Sunday morning I met my training partner Natalie and her sister who was also doing the run at the club and we drove downtown. Met up with Natalie's sister's running partner and went to find a coffee place (not hard to find in Portland). Natalie had shorts on even though it was a little chilly, but it was supposed to warm up and after coffee and back to the start line I wished I had shorts on too by then. We were in a huge group and realized that it was the 5K line-up, so we stayed there. Natalie's sister was doing the 8K which started an hour later, so she held our stuff while we ran. Someone sang and the race started. It took two minutes for Natalie and I to get to the start line and cross the mat. We started out and it was jammed, so I got in front and acted as a wedge to get Natalie out into the open so she could zoom after about a mile. I stayed with her for about half and then slowed a little up the one long hill. Then a downhill zoom back to the waterfront road and then a flat run to the finish. I crossed at 25:10 for an 8:07 pace, which considering I ran 17.5 the day before and we were in a crowd of 5000+ runners that was a very good time. Good enough for 28 out of 118 for my age group. Natalie did a 23:41 and was 16 of 583 for her age group. While her sister ran, we met up with a group of Headhunters and had chowder and stood around and talked and waved to other Headhunters doing the 8K. Sarah wore a green tutu and had flashing green lights on her breasts and a green wig while she ran the 8K- very festive. After Natalie's sister finished we headed out to find somewhere to eat and ended up at the Rock Bottom cafe which is a great beer and food place- very fun and great food. The announcer said there were 16,000 people there, Natalie heard later that it was 18,000. Very well organized and plenty of beer and chowder- excellent event.
This weekend was easy- 2100 meter swim and then a 13 mile run. Since Saturday was my birthday, Anita brought in cupcakes and a candle and her and Natalie sang happy birthday to me while we were stretching after the run. It's been years since I've had a cake on my birthday so thanks Anita!! Then later Saturday night we went to Top Shelf, a martini bar in downtown Vancouver, and I had many blueberry-lemon drop martinis with about 15-18 people from the club.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jack Frost Time Trial

Last Sunday I did the Jack Frost Time Trial at Vancouver Lake. This is my third year doing this event, the second time with the Headhunter's. We rode in the Headhunter's van to the lake and set up a canopy and trainers. Later a barbecue grill and portable fire place were set up to make a very comfortable base camp. Last year I signed up in cat 5 men and went after lunch and was starving on the ride. This year I signed up in 40-49 masters which goes earlier, plus this year coach Denise brought food, so it was ok. Socialized for awhile and then warmed up on a trainer and went to the start line. (top picture) They hold you up while you clip in and then let go and you're off. I started out good and just tried to keep a 22 to 23 average on the speedometer. I would look down and if it was at 21 I would speed up. I don't think it got below 20 the whole ride except at the turnaround. One K from the finish I tried to sprint but didn't have it in the legs (ran 20 miles the day before). Wasn't tired at any point like previous years where I would poop out at ten miles (it's a 12.4 mile race). This year I felt fine, just no super leg power because of the run the day before. I came in at 32:31 and came in at 45 of 59 in the 40-49 masters category, with an average of 22.9 mph for 12.4 miles. About three minutes better than last year and 185 out of 338 overall. My training partner was doing her first ride in a long time at this race (we've been spinning alot because of weather). She had only her everyday sunglasses and an old helmet, so I let her use my Rudy Projects and my helmet.
Middle picture is her styling while waiting in the start line. I wore her sunglasses while she had mine on since I was already done riding. They had a row of stones on each side which I didn't think about and after socializing for a half hour or so with strange looks every once and awhile someone finally asked me about the bling on the sunglasses and why I was wearing them. For a really good report and some fantastic pictures see Sarah's blog, she even got some great pictures of a bald eagle circling over the parking lot.
The day before, Saturday, we did a 2100 meter group swim and then instead of spinning we did a 20 mile run because Natalie and I were doing the time trial on Sunday and wouldn't be able to run then. Anyway, we took a route that I take on the bike all the time- around LaCamas Lake. Running the roads made them seem alot longer at running speed instead of bike speed. It was a beautiful day out and with 6 people running along it was a blast. Came in at 3+ hours and I felt good, didn't bonk at all like the week before doing 18 and finished strong and with the group.