oregon adventures

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Black Diamond Relay

Went up to Emenclaw Washington and did the Black Diamond half iron relay. Julie did the swim, Brian did the bike ride, and I did the run. Julie is a much better runner than me but can't run so I did the run. Drove up the night before and had Italian food and beer. Made it to the race the next morning and watched the swim and ride with lots of fast riders including Brian doing a 2:41. Then it was time to run. Since Vineman iron I've been very slow around a 10 minute pace and it feels like I'm going 8 minutes. The first mile I did 9:25 even though it felt much faster. Waved to some of the girls and around mile two or three a girl started to pass me and then slowed and asked about my shirt (Lake Stevens 70.3). So we talked races and training and kids for several miles. Unfortunately she was married. Julie had run with Sarah for 4 or 5 miles and saw me and turned around to run back with me. So the three of us ran back in and at about 1 and a half miles out we passed transition and yelled at Brian so he ran the last 1 1/2 with us in his sandals. So for the finish picture our relay team, Beer View Mirrors, is running in together. I ended up doing a 2:12 half marathon run- my slowest ever! We missed getting a ribbon in the mixed 106 and over group by 6 minutes, so I felt bad about that should have run harder. Jason, Ian, and Cory from the club had a relay team also and won the all male 105 and under group. After Sarah finished we went to Ramm brewery in Olympia and had lunch and drinks.

The next day I went hiking on the east side of Mt Hood on a 80 degree sunny day. Did the Fret Creek trail to a rock overlook called the Palisades.
Have a new running partner. My daughter's Cavalier King Charles Terrier. He ran 3.5 miles with me and the next time I went he jumped in the Jeep and wouldn't get out so he ran 8.4 with me and tonight he ran 5 with me. Lots of energy being only about 10 months old.