oregon adventures

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Training Weekend

Sorry no pictures, didn't even bring the camera out of the bag. Drove up to Grand Coulee Washington on Friday in the Headhunters van. There were 8 of us and 2 more in a separate car. Coach Denise had found a 5 bedroom house for rent in a resort, so that's where we stayed. The resort was in the middle of a remodel, so construction stuff everywhere and the cantina they had was closed. Anyway, we went to the swim part of the ironman course, put on the wetsuits and did 2 X 10 feet. The water was 53 degrees and was way too cold to swim in, but sort of invigorating. One of the guys on the team had made a turkey lasagna, so we heated that up for dinner. No kids, responsibilities, or driving, so I had a beer and some wine. The next day up and a 1.5 mile ride to the transition area. The race organizer gave out maps and said a little speech and we were off. About 4 miles into the course is the big hill- 7% for most with two 14% switchbacks. Overall the hill is maybe 1 1/2 to 2 miles, just took it easy at about 7.5 mph and it was over and then miles and miles of farm fields and rolling hills and not a soul to be seen anywhere. We were able to ride side by side almost the whole way. My training partner Ceselie said she wanted to do the ride by heart rate and stay back, so it was my job to be the conscience and make her stay back. I'm a bad conscience- I like being out front, just the two of us flying along. That's the way it was for most of the first 70 miles. We saw a grain elevator in the distance and guessed that it was three miles away- it was exactly 2.8 and then just past that was the best hill ever (bhe), 2 to 3 miles of straight moderately graded downhill with no cars and no potholes and perfect sighting. 44 miles per hour with a huge grin on the face. There was one town on the route with a port a pottie. The town had nicely manicured lawns and cute little houses- but not a soul outside, not even kids and the silence was incredible the whole ride. We had one person driving the van for support every ten miles- that was great because it was in the high 70's maybe even 80 and dry. The last 20 miles or so were not as hilly, but with huge cracks in the pavement every 10 feet or so. It was so bad it broke one of my rear water bottle cages- just snapped the metal. With about 10 miles left Ceselie decided she wanted to really soar and took off for a pull of 25, three of us did a small paceline at 20-25 for awhile, but I had lost my aerobar bottle straw on the trip up, so I didn't have enough to drink and started to be messed up at those speeds. Ceselie said she heard my labored breathing behind her and waited to the right moment and then pulled out and said "your turn", the look on my face must have been good because she laughed for a good two minutes and every time she related the story later would break down laughing- best look ever (ble). Stats: 108 miles 16.1 average. Then bbq chicken and broccoli and potatoes for dinner. Then downtown to a live band bar- dancing in a circle as a team, really fun. The next morning we went to the run course to do a run. They were having a sponsored run put on by the same people that do the ironman and they said we could run the course early since we had to go. It's a gravel path along the river and pretty with the start and end by the Grand Coulee dam. After about 2.5 miles Ceselie said my heartrate was too high, I guess she could tell by my breathing, so I turned around and did 5.8 while the others did 7.1 miles. Then the long drive home.
Monday we did a 1000 meter swim and then to Beaches for a paceline ride of 25 miles. Then Tuesday a 31.1 mile ride through the country side near the club. Then at work I ran around base and after three miles met up with Frank who did the Beaver Freezer tri and we ran together talking about tris and rides just jogging at 10-11 minute pace and I ended up doing an 8 mile run. Today just a 2700 meter swim- 3 X 900.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

VBC Time Trial

Did the Vancouver Bike Club time trial tonight. Last year I did two of them around the end of August, beginning of September. Usually work nights, but we're leaving for Eastern Washington to ride the full-ironman course tomorrow really early in the morning so I took tonight off also. Anyway, my training partner (Cecilie) and I had talked about doing the time trial sometime, so since I had the night off- it was time. We originally were going to run afterwards, but coach Denise said that would be too much and we should save ourselves for the weekend, so we dropped the run and backed up to Beaches restaurant in downtown Vancouver (just off the path in the top picture). From there we road out 4 miles to the start to warm up. We got our numbers- 32 and 33 and did circles to keep warm. Then it was time to line up. Cecilie said she was going to take it easy, I said I was going to go for it. Clipped in while being held up and then the countdown. Started my watch with ten seconds to go and then I was off. It was pretty windy, but I went to the aeros and stayed at 21-23 into the wind until the first turn and the wind abated a little and 24+ plus for awhile. Didn't want to go anaerobic, so I held back just on the edge. Around another corner and more wind. Last year this part would knock me down to 17-19, this year I stayed in the aeros the whole time and stayed over 20. Then the turnaround and where was the tailwind? It didn't feel like a tailwind, but I was able to do 24-27 for a good mile and a half, maybe two. Then the home stretch going 22-24. Came across the line and stopped my watch at 25:46, so minus 10 for the start and 6 for after the finish until I could turn off the watch and I did about 25:30- 3 count them- 3 minutes faster than last year for a 23.5 average! WOW- I love my Gigi (Cervelo)! A couple minutes later Cecilie came flying to the finish in a sprint with number 34, she didn't take it easy- said she felt good, so she raced it. We did a little circle and then rode back to cars. She liked it, so I think we'll be doing this more often and adding a run to the end.
This week we did a morning group Beaches paceline ride with a group of 8 on Monday for 24.5 miles. Then Tuesday Cecilie and I and another girl rode 29 miles through beautiful country and then did a neighborhood loop run around the club for 3.5 miles and then just Cecilie and I did another smaller loop for a total of 6 miles running- my longest brick ever. Wednesday was an easy day, just 2600 meters swimming and ab class.
I leave for the training weekend tomorrow, so I won't be able to comment on anybody's blog until maybe Sunday. Finding time for anything other than work, sleep, and workouts is hard. I threw away all shame and asked the girls if they could bring me some leftovers- I got a really good stew over pasta and some fantastic spaghetti.
Also, last year I did a commercial and they're showing it again, and often it sounds like. I don't have time for TV, so I haven't seen it, but several people have said they saw me on TV- I love that. I should quit my job, go study with Neese's husband and then become a professional actor- Jeff, time to wake up.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Ride Around Clark County

Did the Ride Around Clark County this morning with the Headhunters team. We started the morning with a 2300 meter group swim and then headed out from the club to do the ride since the route goes right by the club. The swim was supposed to be easy and was for the most part. But on Wednesday training partner (Cecilie) and I did 5X100's at the end of our swim to see where we were and did 1:43 or so without the wetsuit. Saturday's swim we always use a wetsuit, and on one of the 100 intervals I was the lead swimmer and did a 1:32. Bloggers Wes and Matt do those speeds without the wetsuit and I always thought it was out of reach- I'm getting there.
The day was chilly to start, but the sun was out and it warmed up to comfortable with the jacket on. The route goes over the same roads as most of the rides we do from the club, so it was familiar until around the halfway point. They had good food and peanut butter squares candy. Lots of small hills, Gigi (my Cervelo) was ghost shifting the whole ride, but was still like riding a sports car. 23+ around 90 degree corners without a problem, could actually speed up in the middle of the curve. It was surprisingly comfortable- 67 mile ride with a ton of it in the aeros and no discomfort at all. Couldn't help myself, sometimes I had to take off and go to the front of the group and fly. The bike demanded it- I wonder if that's what it's like driving a Porsche? Great country roads with good views, a fun group of 15+ serious cyclists, and an awesome bike- it was a good day. We only did the 65 mile route with a few extra miles instead of the 100 mile route because next week we're going to the Grand Columbian full-ironman site for a training weekend and we'll ride the 112 mile course or as much of it as we feel up to. Got back to the club and they had Margaritas, chips, and a veggie tray, I don't drink but it was still fun. Stats: 67 miles with a 16.2 average. The actual starting point of the ride was the Clark County Community College (top picture). Took Gigi back to the bike store and they found a bad chain link and replaced it, no more ghosting.