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Monday, November 02, 2009

Run Like Hell Half Marathon

Did the Run Like Hell half last weekend. Rode to the race with Sarah and she had made me a costume with a blue tutu and wings and a halo. The wings were too big for a run, so I wore the tutu and halo. Got lots of looks and tons of laughs. While waiting in line some guy came up and said"got a date for you" and showed me a picture of a guy in a pink tutu. Didn't know what to say to that one so I just let it go. It was cold, but dry and we had done an 80 mile bike ride the day before, but I still felt strong. At one point a pretty girl passed me and said "angel where's your wings"? Wanted to speed up and talk to her, but no speed in me at all. It's flat for 5 miles and I was doing about a 9:20 pace and then it climbs for a few miles. Then after OHSU (med college) it was downhill into downtown and the finish. Came across the line at 2:10 which is better than my last half, but second worst career wise. Sarah said she would probably be 2:30 to 2:45, so I went to the car and left the costume and got a dry shirt and went back to run in the last quarter mile with her and talked to a girl on the sidewalk watching her twin sister. Found out we had a friend in common- what a small world. When it got to 3 hours I figured maybe I missed Sarah and went back and she had finished at 2:25 for a pr for her. They had water in cups and beer, but you had to wait in a huge line. 1600 did the half and they also had a 5K and 10K and walk, so a few thousand crammed into Pioneer square. So we just went to Starbuck's and then left. On Friday, I went to a Halloween party, but decided on a murderer and showed up bloody. But everyone had heard of the tutu and wanted to see it, so I got it out of the Jeep and was a bloody angel. Facebook has the pictures.
Been training when I can with the folks doing the Arizona ironman later this month. It's been fun doing the long rides and not having to worry about all the long runs also. I have tons of endurance, but my speed is gone and I sleep in alot now.
For next year I've signed up for the Vancouver Lake half marathon and the Eugene full marathon. There are several people talking about Vineman 70.3, but I haven't signed up yet. Probably do Oceanside 70.3 in 2011. Would love to do the Kansas 70.3 this year also, but money and leave time from work will probably limit it to Vineman and/or Boise 70.3's.