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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eugene Marathon

Went down to Eugene this weekend to be support for the Eugene marathon for my training partner. Cecelie, Julie, Steve, Derrick, and myself all rode down together Saturday. Went to dinner at Ambrosia's a fantastic Italian place in downtown Eugene. I brought my old bike to be able to swap out bottles for her at miles 10 and 21. At packet pickup they said bikes would not be allowed on the paths and looking at the map decided it would be easier to drive, so I didn't use the bike. Walked over to the start line in the morning and Celilie warmed up by jogging over to the start instead of walking and then doing a lap around the U of O track where the start was. It was 40 something, so everyone wore long shirts over and then I took those right before start so they didn't have to do the bag drop. Saw Jarod the Subway guy at the start and then a runner sang the national anthem really well and they were off. I went and got the van and drove to mile ten by many backroads because the course was blocked off. Actually found a corner just past mile ten and there were some people cheering, so I waited there. Hard watching a race- I wanted to be out there doing it. All four came by together at a nice pace and I swapped out bottles without making her slow down. I figured I had a little over an hour to get to mile 21 on the other side of the river, so I stopped and got paper and markers and made a sign with each of the four's names. Trying to find a side street that led to the bike path was hard, but ended up on a corner by mile 20. Julie and Steve came by first and then Derrick and then Cecilie, so I gave her her I-pod for the final push and bottle swap. Julie had said- "pictures?" when she passed, so I got my camera and drove to the next park along the path where there was a big cheering crowd, set up my sign and took each of their pictures as they passed. Then the mad dash for the finish line at Autzen stadium (top picture)- crawling through traffic at 5 miles an hour or less as runners went past- I was sure I was going to miss them. Found a parking space down a side street and ran for the finish in time to get Julie in green finishing her first ever marathon in 3:31. Derrick came in next and then Steve and finally Cecilie came in under 3:40 but over her goal.
Everyone was walking a little slow afterwards. We went downtown Eugene to the Nike store where the girls got free shirts for being in the top 100 women. Then to lunch where it took over an hour to get our food, so it was free. Then I drove home since I had the non-marathon legs.
Last Thursday I was supposed to ride at 9, but was running late by 10 minutes and as I drove up to the club a crowd of about 7 or 8 was riding away. I didn't think of it until later, but I could have honked. Instead I got my bike ready and tried to catch them, but that didn't work. So I did my first solo ride of the year. Didn't like it. Last couple of years about 30% were solo rides- not this year. I went 24 miles at a 17.8 average. The Cervelo rides really smooth and does 20 without effort on the flats.
Saturday morning after a 2300 meter group swim, the morning group girls were going to Sauvie's Island to do a flat ride so I joined them. Six of us caravaned in a car paceline to the island and did 12 mile loops around the island. During this ride Bridget said that my new bike needed a name and since Cervello is in Canada- she came up with Gigi because it's a pretty French girl's name. She can call it Gigi, I'm not sure. I had to leave after two laps to go back to the club for the Eugene trip, for 24.7 miles at a 17.8 average.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Beaches Ride

Today was a beautiful spring day- finally! The forecast said sunny and 65, my Jeep said 66. The best part was I had the day off after working this weekend.
So to start the day in the morning I ran with Cecilie (training partner) and Diane (nitritionist from 3 posts ago). Cecilie is tapering for a marathon so we only did 5 miles. It was supposed to be a nice easy run but she was in a fast mood, so we ended up doing an 8:24 pace and that included walking at the traffic intersections. When we were stretching afterwards, Cecilie said I had improved alot and didn't even start breathing hard on the first hill like before. Then a small 1000 meter swim.
Then in the afternoon I was able to do the Beaches ride that is every Monday afternoon but at a time when I'm normally at work. Anyway, we start at the Beaches restaurant in Vancouver and ride through town to warm up and then out the Vancouver Lake road which is flat and has a great shoulder until the lake. There were six of us including coach Denise (the only girl there). Once on the lake road we got in a pace line and went around 23-25 taking 3-4 minute pulls. I was winded, but fine until the way back and 3/4 done when Brandon a 2006 Florida ironman finisher did his second pull. He bumped it up to 28, last year the Florida group would ride 30-32 on Beaches everytime so he was probably taking it easy, but I couldn't sustain that speed (28), so I fell off. Kept the group in sight for most of the rest of the way and even going real slow though town I averaged 19.2 for the whole 28.7 mile ride. Then into Beaches for a shrimp salad and a mango-chicken pizza.
On the drive home I realized I didn't have a picture, so I took a picture of Mt Hood while on the I-205 bridge crossing back into Oregon. I was going around 60 when I took that picture- good camera.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

My New Baby

Picked up my new bike today. A Cervelo P2C time trial bike with Dura-Ace derailleurs, shifters, and cranks. The carbon pedals came with a DVD from Look- haven't watched it yet. Took it out for a small 3 mile spin from the bike shop, then I had to go to work. Had a really good fitting by the Gateway bike shop guy. He lifted the aeropads a little to help my back and got the seat perfect. I can feel the speed in the bike just waiting to come out. Earlier this morning Cecilie and I rode 16.8 miles at a 17 average but I was using my old bike. Next time I'll be much faster!
Neese commented about naming the bike. My Bianchi is named "Scout". So I have to think up a name for the P2C, probably during the first good ride.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Race For The Roses- 5K

Did the Race For The Roses 5K this morning in downtown Portland. This race has always coincided with a work weekend or with a tri before and I've never run it. They had a half-marathon and a 5K, both of which started at the convention center and went over the Broadway bridge into downtown.
Awhile back I mentioned to my training partner (Cecilie) about a 5K coming up and she said she doesn't do 5K's. Then this week I mentioned the 5K again and she said "let's do it, what's your goal?" I said an 8 minute pace. So this morning we met at the start line and something I've never done before, we did a warm-up run. She took us about 6-7 blocks at steadily increasing speeds and then back to the start with 10 minutes to go. Started out and passed by the Rose Garden where the Blazers play and I had to work to stay with her as she zipped around people and got into the open. After only a half mile or less I was gasping and unable to talk, so we cruised along with her giving encouragement and saying slow down on the uphills. Before I would charge up a hill and then take a while to recover. She had me slow down going up and then charge down the hill. Passed the first mile at 7:32, I was ready to start walking, but we held a steady pace as I just thought about breathing in and out and getting enough air. She would know somehow when I could take more and speed up and then slow when I was too far out. We passed the second mile with a 7:37 pace for that mile. She said "just do an 8 minute pace now and you've got 24 minutes." All I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep or something to make the run stop, but this whole race she was doing just for me, so quitting was not an option. Up the ramp to the top level of the Steel bridge and then down to the home stretch. As we turned the last corner I knew I was going to make it!! Crossed the finish line, looked at my time and felt instantly better. 23:49 for a 7:40 pace- a new 5K pr and one of my goals for this year accomplished (a sub-8 5K). I think I was anaerobic the whole time, but it worked! I came in 80th out of 663 and 7 of 20 for my age group. Cecilie actually came in 2nd for her age group, but we didn't stay for awards, we got what we had come for- a pr! They had a Chipolte's booth and Tillamook smoothies and Gleukos- a pretty good post-race spread. They gave us a rose at the finish of course and a nice medal.

Friday, April 13, 2007

This Week and What Have I done!

Sorry, no pictures. This week on Monday I ran 7 miles the same as the last two weeks. The difference this time was a girl joined Cecilie and I so I didn't have to talk. She was a professional nutritionist and has done Ironman Canada, so Cecilie asked her tons and tons of questions and that kept the pace where I could run no problem. Some good info and she's going to put together a presentation for the team. Then into the pool for 1000 meters.
Tuesday it was cloudy, but dry so Cecilie and I were standing in the club lobby deciding whether to spin or go outside when coach Denise said she would go if we could be back in an hour and a half for her next class. So off we went at a very fast pace in a basic around LaCamas lake route. Even the uphills seemed fast. At one point on a slight straight downhill, Denise took off. I saw this as a challenge for some reason and stomped on it to catch her- with Cecilie yelling "go get her!" 35 mph to pass her then I kept it there for a little bit and then it fell, 28,25,22. Denise had tucked in behind me and said I made a great windbreak and she was going to put me out front when we do the Seattle to Portland ride and everyone can draft behind me. Stats: 13.2 miles 16.8 avg.
Wednesday, I only did a swim. We did 2X1200 for 2400. Cecilie is leading a beginning track group for the club and a local shoe store at 6AM- I can't make that, so I have to find a new track routine for Wednesday.
Thursday it was raining, so just spin. Then at work the rain had stopped so I ran around the base 3 times for 5 miles. It was the first time I've run alone since early March.
Then today- how to say this. Several weeks ago I tried a size 58 tri bike in the model I wanted and the store ordered a 61 for me to try because the 58 was too small. Well, the 61 was in a word- perfect. I went to the aero position with no discomfort and the bike soared. Got back to the shop and said, "I'll take it". In my life I've bought a house, installed a sewer system, taxes of course, my Jeep and a mini van before that. Those are the only things I can remember more expensive than what I bought today. $3K for a bike!!! Plus a couple hundred for carbon pedals and some more for a Dura Ace crank. I'm in shock right now. When the cranks arrive and I get the bike, then it will be real. Of course there will be pictures then and then I'll tell you what kind it is. Ok, its a Cervelo P2C.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Beaver Freezer Triathlon

What a difference a year makes!! Went down to Corvalis and did the Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon this weekend with the Headhunters team. Friday afternoon we loaded up the van in beautiful blue sky 75 degree weather. (top picture is of the van on Saturday) I think we had 11 people in the van and several more from the club drove down on their own. We got to the motel and put the bikes in the rooms, then drove the course. Then we walked the run course loop once and then to packet pick-up where we ran into Frank from the base so he went to dinner with us. We invaded American Dream pizza with 20+ people and had a loud dinner. Then back to the rooms and someone said "hot tub?". The hot tub turned out to be way too hot, so into the small pool for volleyball and underwater endurance competitions.
The next morning with so many people and different start times we had to be there for the start of the race at 7:30. My heat was at 9:30. When we got there it was sprinkling and they moved the barricades for us so we could park the Headhunter's van next to transition. I think there were close to 30 from the club who did this race. Set up the bikes in transition and went into the pool to watch the swimmers. After a while people would walk in soaked, it was pouring outside. Around 9 I went out to get my goggles and take off the shirt and everything was wet even though I had put towels over my stuff. There were 5 of us from the full-iron team, coach Denise, John, Julie, Kevin, and myself. Kevin was hurt so he came along as support and picture and video taker. We had all put down 8:23 as our swim time hoping to get in the same lane. As it worked out Julie and I were in lane one and John and Denise were in lane 2. So Julie and I decided to do what we had planned and trade off pulling each 100 yards. When we got in the pool there was Joanna in our lane who I had ridden with once last May. She remembered me and said "hey, we did a ride together". Joanna and the other guy in the lane had put down 8:15, so we told them our plan and they were ok with it. I took off third in the lane and then Julie. I was pumped and swam along at a good clip and looked back after 50 and Julie was a ways back, so I slowed and then waited at the wall for her when it was her pull. Then we did a smooth fast pace with good trade-offs. Got out of the water and started running for the bike and looked at my watch and it said 8:30 something- I showed Julie and we both did a woohoo! Afterwards I saw on the results that I did an 8:32 swim- 1 minute and 13 seconds better than any pool swim race ever and almost two minutes better than last year- one discipline down and one pr. Denise and John had gotten out maybe 5-10 seconds ahead of us so we were all in bike transition together. Denise went first and then John and then Julie, then slow transition guy- me. I started out fast and kept Julie within a hundred yards at the most for about 4 miles and then passed her and kicked it up a little. The course had a couple of hills that were pretty flat this year, didn't even go out of the big ring. Oh I forgot, it had stopped raining while we were in the pool so the road was wet but there was no rain. Just lots of spray if you got close to someone. I played leapfrog with a girl for several miles and we even joked about each time we'd pass each other. Came in from the bike and results said an average of 20.0 my fastest triathlon bike average! Two disciplines- two pr's.

In the run transition as I was putting on my shoes, Julie came in and said "Jeff, can you move over?" I moved over and saw that I had forgotten my knee brace. So in the time it took me to take my shoe off and put on the brace and put on the shoe and put on the other brace, Julie had parked her bike and put on her shoes all while standing- I have to work on my transitions. My being in the way turned out to be either bad luck or divine intervention because Julie tied for 1st in her age group- if I hadn't been in the way she would have won her age outright. She's a 6 something pace runner, so that's the last I saw of her until the end. I finally started out on the run.
I started the run the way we do when I run with Cecilie- start out slower and build up as we get warmed up. I used to go out fast to start and then tire. The run does three laps around a block with one small hill in it. I gradually ran a little faster and something new for me- I passed people. On one of the laps I saw a group of Headhunters and veered over to high five. The third lap came and I waited until after the hill and had about .4 to go and I stepped it out some and got to the edge of ragged breathing. As soon as I accelerated I felt like this is the speed I should have been running at. Got to the finish line and stopped my watch at 1:15 something. In the finish picture, Frank from the base is the guy in black with a yellow hat. When I saw the results on the wall it had me doing an 8:06 pace on the run- a new 5K pr- three disciplines- three prs. Plus it showed me at 1:15:01 a new sprint pr by over 4 minutes and over 5 minutes better than last year. We stayed for awards and Julie tied for first in her age group and coach Denise won her age group. In the women's overall Julie was number 4 and Joanna from our swim lane was number 3. Overall I think 3 Headhunters won their age group and around 9 ribboned. The winner in my age group had a 1:09 or 1:07, so I was probably close to a 5th place ribbon, results haven't been posted yet. The one they had on the wall showed me 64th overall. Last year I was 125th overall! It was very cool racing with a group and very fun riding in the van to an event.
Happy Easter- went to services with Friends and you know you're in Oregon when the church lobby has an espresso stand in it!
Ps- Annette and Matt asked about my foot- knock on wood, no pain.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

7-Mile Run and Castle Ride

Monday I did a 7 mile run in the reverse route of last Monday's 7-miler with a slight modification. There's a small bike shop near the club and my training partner (Cecilie) wanted to see a tri bike they had on display, so we swung into the shopping center and looked at that. Then started up again and did a big loop. She very subtlety bumbed up the pace at one point and I found myself unable to talk. Looked at the Garmin and we were running at 7:41 pace, so I tried to keep it there as long as I could just gasping comments when needed. Then finally said "can you slow down just a bit". She said "I was wondering when you were going to say that". Anyway, she did that a couple more times during the run for tempo work, then down to a 10:00 pace so I could breath again. The third time she did that the Garmin said a 7:25 pace. Back to the club for 7 miles in 1:01 for an 8:43 pace. She had to go before the swim, so I thought I'd have to swim alone for the first time in months. But when I got to the pool a girl from the team was there and I joined here for 700, then a guy from the team joined us for 1000 more.
Tuesday Cecilie and I rode out past the castle (top picture) and out a river road and up some good sized hills. We had a headwind the first part of the ride and I still had to really push it to stay with her as she led. Climbing the hills I tried to keep her within pitching wedge distance (100 yards). This is a new experience, usually I'm waiting at the top for the people I ride with, not with Cecilie. Thinking of buying a tri bike, so I have made the granny ring (small front ring) off limits and some of the hills Tuesday I normally would have used it, but the tri bike has only two rings in front so I have to get used to that. Stats: 20.5 miles 15.8 average.
I must apologize for the last post. After a couple comments I realized I forgot a crucial bit of info. It should have read a very pretty married girl. If it had been a very pretty single girl, I would have tripped over myself ripping the bike off the trainer. As it is I still felt bad, because she is really nice and part of the tri group. I love working out with all the girls, but they are all married.