oregon adventures

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sharkey Swim

For the fourth year in a row I did the Sharkey swim at the club I go to. It's a 5K swim in the pool that in previous years it was on New Years morning. This year it was eve morning. Swam with Jon and Tom using a wetsuit and I talked my personal devil incarnate who was swimming in the next lane into joining us halfway through, so she did. Felt great and it was the easiest 5K swim ever. Went to Rose's afterwards, but I had to get my food to go because I had to work today.
Recapping 2009- I did 143.1 miles of swimming, 2094 meter average, 2506.1 miles of bike riding at a 36.7 average ride, ran 913.3 miles at a 6 mile average run. Did three half marathons, a sprint tri, half iron and full iron tri. Put a new roof on the house, new carpet, cut the trees in the yard, my daughter repainted the house interior and redid the dining room and kitchen cabinets. Still have more to do to get to selling shape. Spent alot of time moping because I lost my dream girl.
2010 I plan on at least one half marathon, the Eugene full marathon, Vineman 70.3 half iron and a sprint tri. Other than that the year is wide open.

Monday, December 28, 2009

picture for Lizzie Lee

I don't have any pictures from the run. The run site has two pictures of me, but they come up broken- I think that's a sign. I went to the Halloween party as a murderer, that explains the blood. Me on the far left.