oregon adventures

Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Recap

Spreadsheet numbers for 2011 show 773 miles of running with a 5.9 average run. 1661 miles of bike riding with a 38.6 average. 167,200 meters of swimming for 103.9 miles and a 1689 average swim. Also threw in 38.1 miles of hiking with 7500 feet elevation gain. Ran in 6 different states and 1 Canadian Provence. Added three new state capitals visited. Two sprint triathlons, 1 olympic distance, 1 half distance, and Ironman Cananda.
Next year so far I am signed up for Vancouver Lake half marathon, Shamrock Run, Ocean Shores half iron in Washington, and the Oklahoma City half marathon. Trying to decide between the Des Moines half marathon or Minnesota marathon in October. Twin Cities marathon is supposed to be the prettiest marathon in America, but Des Moines has a half and would be cheaper. Either one gets me a capital. Also thinking of the Big Climb in Seattle in March where you climb the tallest building in Seattle.
Read a Pulitzer winning history book about Paul Revere, so I'm looking at Boston in September as just a vacation with my daughter Debbie. Airfare is cheap, hotels are trough the roof expensive, so I haven't committed to that yet, but pretty sure I will. Maybe even throw in a Fenway Park game while there.