oregon adventures

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Multnomah Falls Ride and Long Run

Saturday I did a group swim of 2000 meters and then we headed out for a long bike ride. We left the club and went over the I-205 bridge into Oregon and down Marine drive (top picture is a couple of weeks or so old- didn't bring the camera). Got into a long 12 person paceline and went at a moderate 21+ pace. Past Troutdale and up a 750 foot or so climb to Crown Point which is a viewpoint with a small building. Then down and down to Multnomah falls which is a 650 foot falls I believe in two tiers. It's a huge tourist attraction, so they had an espresso stand and an art sale going on and tons of people. After a small break we headed back up to Crown point and then the speedy descent to town. Saw lots of other riders and they all waved back when we waved at them. The weather was perfect- not hot and not cold and sunny, but not blazing sun- nice. Got back to the club and all four of my bottles were empty, something to remember for the half and full ironmans. Stats for the ride: 76 miles at a 17.3 average. Then six of us changed shoes and took off for a short run. We started out to do 3.5 miles, but coach Denise and I took a short cut after awhile because we had 13 miles planned for today. Anyway we did 3 miles or so - just ran for 30 minutes and stopped.
Today the weather had turned cloudy, but running in rain is no problem so off we went. It was coach Denise, another girl, and myself. We did a similar route that we did last week with a few differences, down to LaCamas lake and back through some woods on a trail. Lots of small hills and at one point it was raining, but the trees kept it out, then we came to a clearing and it was sunny and nice. Then out of the woods and it was cloudy again. Turned and went to the track near the club and did almost two miles circling the track while it poured down rain, but it stopped as we did the final mile back to the club. Stats: 13.75 miles at a 10:02 pace. That was a much needed run, last week coach Denise was surprised to learn that I had never run a half marathon distance before, so now I have and my half iron won't be such a shock. At about mile 9 the girls noticed my shirt had a red streak going down one side- bad nipple chaffing, luckily it didn't hurt at all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Grover's Commercial & Long Run

Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts- that means alot!! Did a commercial last night for Grover's Plumbing, a local plumbing and electrical store. It started at 6 o clock at night, so I had to take the night off work. During the day Tuesday it was a beautiful sunny day so I did a morning ride from the club to the I-205 bridge (top picture) down Marine drive and over the I-5 bridge and back to the club for 32.2 miles with a 16.8 average. There were four of us and we did a paceline on Marine drive for awhile. Then Tuesday night got to Grover's store and the first shot was a crane shot of the parking lot with all the extras either going into or out of the store. I was paired with a really pretty girl as a married couple carrying an attic ventilator to my Jeep. We were right in line with the camera the whole time in the shot. We made up a story for ourselves- we'd been married seven years and met in the west side tunnel during a rush hour traffic jam. Rolled down the windows and started talking and ended up going to a bar downtown and that led to etc. At first we were going home to install the ventilator, by the 6th take we were going home to have a barbecue instead with chicken and grilled corn on the cob. 10 or so takes later we were done with that shot. While they were setting up the next shot we went back to extras holding and they had a great food spread set up. There was a news truck across the parking lot set up with the antenna up, so my "wife" and I walked over to see what was going on- it turned out to be a rash of dumpster burnings in the area- the guy said there had been four of them. When we walked back to the store everyone was gone from the holding area- so we went in and got set up in the next shot just in time. We were in the back looking at some foam spray, then the director came back and said to take a break he would use us as the water heater couple later. So we went and talked and watched two more scenes film before it was our turn. Then they let almost everyone else go except two extras for our scene. We became featured talent! We were a couple walking along looking at water heaters while a clerk described them. The director said it was a tight shot so he wanted us to get closer- so I was forced to walk with my arm around her, the things I do for art. They had two extras walk across behind us and we did maybe 7 or 8 takes and that was a wrap for us. She was married in real life of course so that was that.
Sunday I did my longest run ever with coach Denise and another guy. We went from the club and down to LaCamas lake which has a trail around it and away from the lake down a trail that goes by a waterfall. There are some pretty good hills in the route and after about 7-8 miles I couldn't talk much anymore and just concentrated on going forward. Ended up doing 11.75 miles at a 9:31 pace- I think I started out too fast for a long run- anyway this Sunday scheduled for a 13 mile run.

Last Wednesday I did a local running club's 3 mile race at Frenchman's Bar park. Ran it in 23:31 for a 7:50 pace. Tonight I will take some leave and do the run again and the team will be there and have a cookout afterwards. I have to go to work now and can't access Blogger at work anymore, so either tonight or tomorrow I will start commenting again- thank you all for your support!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Blue Lake Olympic Triathlon

I'm back- sorry for the silence. Anyway, did the Blue Lake Olympic distance triathlon today. Yesterday it rained and rained and was supposed to be the same today, but it held off and the pavement was dry. Got in the water and it wasn't that bad temperature-wise. Started off and stayed with the main group getting banged around, but the goggles were not hit, so it was ok. Got to about the third or fourth buoy out of five and started to flag, so I consciously stepped it up and stayed fast. At the last buoy coach Denise and her husband caught up with me and said to draft them into the finish, unfortunately turning the last corner was hard and I lost them and pooped out and came in at 28:48 or so an Olympic distance best by over 7 minutes. Then up the ramp and onto the bike. The bike course is on Marine Drive which is flat and fast normally. My back was stiff, so I couldn't stay in the aeros for long stretches and the wind was a headwind both directions, so I guess it was actually a side wind. Anyway, just plugged along trying to keep it over 20 and when in the aeros I would do 21-22. Came across the mats and my speedometer said a 20.3 average- unfortunately the results haven't been posted yet, so I don't know for sure. Then a fairly short transition to the run. I started out easy and built up to a comfortable pace and kept it there. The first mile my watch said 8:48 and I sped up a little and would high-five each person of the Headhunters as they passed- that was fun. Flagged the last .2, but still came into the finish at 54:06 a triathlon 10K best, but not a 10K best. I had stopped the watch after the swim instead of hitting the lap button, so I missed the first transition, but my watch said 2:30, so if I had a 4 or 5 minute transition I did 2:35, an Olympic distance best by over 30 minutes!
As for my silence- I hit the wall right after my last post. I was fine when clipped into the bike or when running, but when not working out, not right. The buzzing in my head for a couple of days should have been a big clue. So I cut way back on the training and went to Warner-Robins AFB Georgia for a week long conference. They had a great running path on base there and I did 6.4 miles one day and 9.2 two days later. Also ruined my training diet- there was nothing healthy to eat there and tons of sweet tea to drink. Anyway, emotionally and mentally I was not right after the last post and I damaged a relationship with the most amazing person and friend I've ever known. That's why I stopped blogging and commenting, silly, my kids and family are healthy and well, I'm healthy and fine- but it hurts and I see no way to repair it.