oregon adventures

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jack Frost Time Trial

Last Sunday I did the Jack Frost Time Trial bike race. It's at Vancouver Lake, the same place as the half marathon in January. In past years we had the Headhunter van and a tent set-up, not this year. Borrowed a trainer and warmed up (top picture). Sarah and Julie came by to say hi and cheer everyone on, so they took pictures, didn't get a start line picture. Started off and kept the same pace pretty much. A little windy going out and a little windy coming back. Finished with a 22.7 average fro 12.4 miles and good for 34 out of 44 for my age group and 20 seconds slower than last year. In spin class coach Denise had made a bet that whoever won between the two of us would have to bring donuts for the class. She was sick, but still showed up and I beat her by two and a half minutes.
Feb was a bad month for me- hopefully March will be better!