oregon adventures

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Raven Time Trial

I'm still here! Saturday it got up to 71 and was blue sky, so after the 2000 meter group swim in Camas I didn't ride with the group and instead went to McMinnville for the Raven Time Trial. This is the first year for this time trial and it is out in the country on rolling hills. Start was time trial style where they hold you up, count down, and let go. I didn't drive the course so I didn't know what was ahead. It turns out the hardest hill was 500 yards or so into the ride. Had to go to my small chain ring it was so steep. Then down and back up and down and back up, etc. Then turn around and go back the same way. I tried to hammer as much as possible in a warm up for the Beaver Freezer triathlon April 3rd. Finished with a 19.6 mph average over 12 miles and 18th out of 22 for Cat 5. Then went to the Jeep and changed shoes and still in my bike clothes ran for 3.1 miles as the day started to warm up. Then in town got some lunch and visited Panther Creek, Stone Wolf, Anne Amie, and Alderbrook wineries. Also stopped at Erath, but there were ten people waiting to get up to the tasting bars so I left. Hundreds of wineries out there- wow. Took a picture with my phone at Anne Amie on top of a hill with the Coast Range view but couldn't download it- have to work on that. Took backroads (some dirt) back to Portland and just enjoyed the sun and views of the mountains.
Did the Vancouver Lake half marathon in January, Shamrock 5K last weekend. Been training alot and good training. Feeling good and down to ironman weight after gaining some after Vineman full last year. Decided to drop down to the half marathon at Eugene in May. Doing the Vineman 70.3 in July and then family reunion in Michigan. If I could afford a week of leave more there is a 70.3 in Michigan at the end of July. Two weeks in between that and Vineman- could do it if I had the leave.