oregon adventures

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daughter Climbs Hood

My daughter Debbie climbed Mt Hood today and has a panoramic video from the summit on her blog. Good job Debbie.
It was a beautiful 72 degree day, best of the year so far. So I took Debbie's dog Cedrick (my running partner) and went out to Cascade Locks and ran the Gorge trail for 10.6 miles. Pretty hilly paved bike path and the first time I've run with hills in awhile. Cedrick and I did 11 miles last weekend- his farthest run so far. Next week easy and then Eugene half marathon in two weeks.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Beaver Freezer Triathlon

Did the Beaver Freezer sprint triathlon this weekend and getting old is good. Got second in my new age group. The highest I've ever finished in a triathlon.
Rode down to Corvallis in the Headhunter van on Friday. Ate at American Dream pizza and then hot tub. Saturday was cold and damp and setting up my transition, I couldn't find my timing chip. After searching and panicking I found Barb just arriving, asked her to take me back to the motel and I searched the room- nothing. Got back to transition and in desperation shook my bag and it fell off the strap. The Velcro of the timing chip was black and my bag strap is black- it blended in.
The swim was in a pool and was 500 yards. I started second of 3 in my lane and the first guy was fast and I left the last guy behind, so I was in my own zone and got a good speed going. Finished the swim at 7:56 a pr by one second. Out on the bike course for 12 miles with wet pavement but not raining. The last two years I've averaged 20.2 at this race. This year it was windy and wet so I was careful and I guess slow because I only averaged 18.8, but felt great and not winded or tired. The run I tried to go fast, but didn't go anaerobic like the last two years. Finished the run in 25:03 an 8:06 pace. Overall I did a 1:17 which is 4:30 slower than last year, but good enough for 2nd in my age group (50-55). The winner of my age group was Richard Earle a guy who always won my age group when I was a beginner and I remember wishing I could be like him. He beat me by only 1:30 and I was faster than him on the swim. I guess I've gotten a lot better.