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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Powell Butte Run and Feast of Love Movie Shoot

Powell Butte Run
Had to work this weekend, so after work Saturday decided to run by the house at a large city park called Powell Butte (picture is view from top, my house is down in the trees at the bottom). It's a 650 foot hill that was hollowed out way back and a water tank for the city of Portland was built inside and over it became a park. Now it's a popular mountain bike, horse riding, and hiking place. From the parking lot to the top is 130 foot climb in .6 miles and then there's a loop trail at the top with small ups and downs so I ran up to the top and did the loop four times and then back down with a pace of 9:30 for 4.8 miles which is ok considering the climb and the fact that it was uneven trail so I was watching where to put each step. Took a picture from the first turn at the top showing Larch Mt which I rode Thursday.

Feast of Love Movie Shoot
Friday I took the day off work and was an extra in the movie shooting here, Feast of Love starring Morgan Freeman, Greg Kinear, and Selma Blair. The scene I did was at the Lucky Labrador Microbrew bar, I guess dogs are allowed in the bar because people with their dogs showed up during the day and had to be told it was closed. Walked in the bar and saw smoke and panicked- 12 hours with cigarette smoke? Turns out it was a couple of fog machines. They gave us glasses of O'Douls to sip on and I was in the back by a piano and jukebox talking to a really pretty girl (she was married of course). When they were ready to shoot, Morgan Freeman came in and the place got silent as everyone watched him come in (he's as tall as me). Greg Kinear sauntered in and nobody noticed him. Selma Blair looked so familiar, it bugged me all day, then I googled her later- she was in Legally Blond which I saw on cable last week. Anyway, 12 hours of the same actions over and over- the life of an extra, but they had a fantastic lunch spread. Towards the end with everyone getting tired Morgan Freeman came on set singing and doing a little dance and him and Greg Kinear started cracking each other up and seemed to be having a good time. A news crew showed up outside while we were on break and did a segment, so a bunch of us extras walked over and casually stood around in line with the camera over the newsman's shoulder- anything for face time on film! The girl who Selma Blair's character falls for (I didn't recognize her) does one part where she walks back to the jukebox, so the camera follows her and when they set it up she came right by me and I blocked the light, so the assistant director came out and placed me for the scene. After that I couldn't be used because I had been seen too prominently, so I read a book outside for the last shot. So if the jukebox shot survives editing, I'll be very visible!! Tuesday all of us go back to a different location to watch a softball game, hopefully not for 12 hours, but every movie I've worked on has been at least 12 hour days. Afterwards I was hungry and saw a Moroccan restaurant and went in for to-go apricot chicken. While I was waiting a very rotund belly dancer came out and danced, the patrons loved it, I thought she was a little too large but she had amazing abdominal control.


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