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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Spent a week and a half with family at a family reunion back in Battle Creek Michigan. Spent a lot of time at my mom's cottage on Fair Lake (picture). Got in "lake mode", which means sitting on the deck watching the water and doing sudokos and crosswords and swimming sometimes. No TV, no computer, no newspaper. Then looking at a clock and realizing we were supposed to be somewhere, so off to a picnic and tons of food and then back for one more swim, etc.
As for workouts I swam across the lake and back (800 yards according to a map of the lake) four times and ran the dirt roads by the lake twice very slowly. The humidity on top of high 90's was unbearable, I'm glad we don't have humidity here in Portland.
One day I had to get another check mark on a list, so my daughter, my mom, and I went up to Lansing to see the capital building. (picture) That makes 6 state capital buildings I've been in. On the way up to Lansing we saw a place called mooville, so we had to stop. It's a dairy with an ice cream store and petting zoo.
Had a family golf tournament, I was on a team with my sister, aunt, and nephew. I forgot to bring my golf shoes so I played in tennis shoes and on the first tee I wound up and took a full swing and pirouetted like a top and landed on my side on the ground- there's a reason golf shoes have spikes.
One of my uncles is a square dance caller, so we were going to have a square dance at one of the picnics, but the heat and humidity were so high no one wanted to move. But lots of good food, my sister made some raspberry-chocolate cookie bars that were great. She also made a low fat bean dip as a snack. Had Bluegill and Sunfish right out of the lake also.
Sprint tri on Sunday to work off all the food.


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