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Friday, August 11, 2006

Larch Mountain Ride

I finally did the premier training ride in the Portland area. Larch mountain has a paved road to the top and rises 3000 feet in 14 miles. Frank S talked about riding it while on the Seattle to Portland ride and I said count me in. He took a group from the base last week the day I came back from Michigan, so I missed it and told him I'd do it next time, so he said how about Thursday. So Thursday after work Frank, Kevin, Steve, and myself started at the Women's Forum park and rode up the mountain. It's a long steady grind with very little respite until you're at the top. Twice a year they have a time trial that does this climb, it took us an hour and 40 minutes to climb up and a half hour to come down. Going down was an adventure with the sharp turns negating the speed. I only hit 38.5 going down, but spent most of the downhill at 30-32, I braked for the curves. Steve and Kevin both went over 40, Frank was a good ride leader and stayed back with me to make sure I made it down. Afterwards, Frank and Steve had to get back home, so Kevin and I went to Tads, a really good restaurant on the Sandy river where I had salmon stuffed with shrimp and covered with a dill sauce. Stats- 29.6 miles with a 13.4 average. Next year I want to do the Larch Mt time trial, even though I'll be a distant last place! Frank said he was doing this ride every couple of weeks last year, so that is what I should be doing also for hill work.


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