oregon adventures

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mulino Airport Cafe

After work on Friday, I went golfing with one of the new guys at work, Doug, at Eagle Creek golf course (picture) down in Estacada. Originally we were going to fly up to Chahalis Washington and golf at a course right across the street form an airstrip, but didn't have time. So we golfed at Estacada where Doug's dad keeps his plane. Then we flew 15 miles or so to the little town of Mulino where they have a restaurant called Airport Cafe right by the airport and a field (picture) to park the plane in and a gate to the cafe.
The cafe had a father cooking and son and daughter waiting tables and was very busy. As we pulled up and parked in the field, a couple came out of the restaurant and got in their plane and took off. Afterwards we flew over my house and I saw my daughter out back playing with the dog. As you can see by the brown grass in the pictures we haven't had any rain since June or early July and probably won't until September or October. Makes up for the rainy rest of the year.