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Monday, August 07, 2006

Midsummer Triathlon

Did the Midsummer sprint tri at Blue lake this Sunday. Blue lake is a small lake right here in the Portland area right by the Columbia river and Marine drive. The swim looked really long and by the results it adds up to 970 yards. Stayed with the group to start the swim and got kicked and I hit people with my arms, etc. Ended up at the back of the group, but stayed with them and finished at 19:41 which seemed bad until I saw the results and figured out how long a swim that was. Then onto the bike and I tried to keep it at 20 or above and I thought I had, but the results showed a 19.4 average which is very disappointing considering it was table top flat, but then again I've been on vacation, so it was ok. By the run it was already over 80 and no shade, I'm glad I wasn't doing the Olympic distance. I found a speed where my right sciatic, hamstring didn't hurt and kept to that pace. A mile from the finish I sped up a little and finished with a 9:10 pace. My worst 5K pace of the year, but it didn't hurt and I didn't even think of stopping. At least I feel like a triathlete again, maybe I should stick to sprint distances. Finished 145th out of 225 and 12th of 18 for my age group. Afterwards they had free food and Red Bulls and I took a picture of some kids playing in a fountain right by the transition area.


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