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Thursday, November 30, 2006

LaCamas Track Workout

Wednesday I drove over to the LaCamas Swim club to do a track workout with some girls from the triathlon team. Got to the club and my Jeep said 31, I've never run when it's that cold that I can remember. Cecilia showed up and said 2 other girls wimped and were going to do the treadmill, so we started out of the parking lot at a slow warmup jog. Two more girls drove up as we were leaving, so we stopped and waited for them. So the four of us jogged over to a middle school track that was almost exactly one mile away, one of the girls had a gps on, I forgot mine and my Power Bar gel. The track (top picture) was up a slight hill from the club which didn't have snow. We did a warmup lap to see how slippery it was and then started doing 4x800's. The first two laps I was worried about slipping and not really used to track running. Slow lap in between and do it again. The first mile came out to 8:26 by my stop watch, the second mile came out to 8:03- that would be a pb if I could do it for 3.1 miles. Then a slow jog back to the club and into the gym to do lunges with weights. Cecilia said they usually do the lunges at the track, but it was way too cold. They hadn't used the weights before, so that was new. We walked up and down the gym doing lunges twice and then over six steppers in an obstacle type course and then jumping lunges up onto the steppers. Then repeat everything, my legs hurt all day afterwards, but very good workout. The girls said it was nice having a guy there, so I have to come next week too. I still had an hour until swim class and wanted to go eat something. Saw Julie from the Saturday swim spin group and she said to go to Panera like we do each Saturday. So I went and had a bagel and spinach souffle and chai tea. Took this picture from the Panera parking lot to show the snow on the hills.

The tri group decided on the Grand Columbian full ironman in September at Grand Coulee Washington. It has a ton of climbing on the bike, but the Bigfoot in Canada had only 12 people in the full last year, so we decided not to do that one. The other choice was Vineman full in California, but it was in August and training started too early because a couple of the girls are doing the Boston marathon. So- September 15th will be pure torture and then September 16th I will be able to say I'm an ironman!!


  • Running outside become a new challenge when the temps drop below freezing. I always have trouble breathing in the cold. But it beats the treadmill!

    Congrats on choosing a race. The late season timing will allow a great summer of training. I'm jealous!


    By Blogger Jodi, at 5:45 AM  

  • Ah track workout. I discovered that myself this year and you'll really see the benefits. Stay after it. You're an animal.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:45 PM  

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  • You have had it cold my friend!! The taining company is good and yes,it always is nice to have a guy there. LUCKY YOU to be that guy!! LOL. I hope Old Man Winter is kinder to you folks up there.

    By Blogger Deb, at 7:59 AM  

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