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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

OHSU Patient Acting

Yesterday I was a guy who had cheated on his wife and now has a Urethal discharge at OHSU medical school (picture). This is one scenario that goes against my principals, but it's interesting to watch the students' reactions. One medical student (2nd year) acts as the doctor and talks to me and four students act as observers and one real doctor is the teacher and grader. Last year I did this case for the first time and the girls would get mad at me for cheating, I wanted to say "I never would" but that's not the character. I remember macho jerks in the military who would cheat on their wives, so I played it like I remember them. Anyway, one girl got real close to me to start the interview and when she found out the situation you could see she wanted to back up- she didn't, but she kept pulling her skirt down trying to make it lower. I shouldn't make light of it, because it tears apart couples all the time. The teacher gave them really good feedback and most of the kids did really good with asking difficult embarrassing questions. The teacher was the same one as last year when I did this case and he told me one of the students who got mad at me last year and was emotional had gone through this scenario for real with her husband and she thanked him for making her deal with it and be professional.
After five hours of that I needed a run- so down the hill towards downtown and stalled out in traffic. Then I saw the Duniway track (picture) and decided to stop there and run. There were tons of people, I saw the Portland Tri club and a group of young girls and another group who I think were Red Lizards, and then a few solo runners like me. I started out fast, but it was crowded and warm and I was tired. I tried to count 16 laps, but my GPS said I did an extra one, so by my GPS, I ran at an 8:20 pace. If I counted right and the GPS was wrong, I ran an 8:50 pace- I think the GPS was right. Then off to eat downtown, found Pizzacato which looked good and had a spinach salad and slice of avocado pizza.


  • Wow.... a cheatin, sick, running, eatin fool all in one day! You get a lot accomplished;). I'm sure it can be tough playing those roles...especially when you come accros someone who has lived it..YIKES. If I had the choice between a faster Garmin time or your time... wellllll...whadda ya think! ;) Godd job on running after that day!

    By Blogger Deb, at 6:46 PM  

  • thanks jeff... responded on my blog. have a great night

    By Blogger Deb, at 9:14 PM  

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