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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Marine Drive Bike Path Run

Happy Earth Day! It was only a training run, but no adventures this weekend because I'll be working. I was supposed to work 12 hours Friday, but at 8 hours the word came down- go home. So I went home got my daughter and dog and went to the Marine Drive bike path along the Columbia river beside the airport. My daughter and the dog went walking while I ran 4 miles. Started out with the wind and soared along for two miles at a 8:01 pace and then turned around and the wind made a difference because I did the last 2 miles at a 8:40 pace for a 8:20 pace for the whole run- very fast for me, I think I'm getting better. Afterwards, I wanted to take a picture of my daughter on the path, but she didn't want me to, so I had her take a picture of me. On a nice day you can see Mt Hood (climbed in 2001) from that point and on a really nice day at one point on the path you can see the tip of Mt. Jefferson (haven't climbed yet) which is 150+ miles away. As my daughter and I were walking out to take the picture three pretty women were walking in and I got three enthusiastic hi's from them- which is unusual for me. As they walked away I heard one talking about television- coincidence? The orange shirt I wore was the same as in the commercial I did that is showing at least three times a day on the channel 8 news (local NBC station). At work on Friday we were in the break room eating lunch watching the news and there I was on the TV- that was cool, the guys got to see. Everywhere I go on base people say "saw you on TV". So far the ego hasn't gotten too big.


  • How old is your daughter? How nice to spend that time together. My boys are turning 16 & 18, both within the next 2 weeks. I have a hard time getting them to hang around. Seems like they're always out with friends...that's the way it's supposed to be at this age, huh? Once in a while I can get a date for dinner, especially if it's sushi! Beautiful place to run and you're right about the views from there. Good job on the pace...sure sounds like your hard work is paying off! Congrads!!

    By Blogger Deb, at 2:51 PM  

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