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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jack Frost Time Trial

I noticed today that I had forgotten to do a post on the Jack Frost Time Trial that took place back on Febuary 26th. This was a 12.4 mile bike race against time that signals the start of the bike racing season in the Portland area. It went over the road from Vancouver lake past Frenchman's Bar park and to the end of pavement by the Ridgefield Wildlife perserve and then back. I started out already clipped in and upright as you can see in the picture and took off full speed the whole way. Well, almost the whole way. About mile ten my energy started flagging and I slowed down a little even though I was telling myself, only two more miles- push on- speed up! I finished the race in 36 minutes and 18 seconds for a 20.5 MPH average, which for me is good. Hopefully I can do that kind of speed in the triathlons this year. There was a guy taking pictures on a curve near the end and he got a fantastic action shot of me- here. Afterwards, went looking for a restaurant in downtown Vancouver and ended up at the Thai Orchid for a really good peanut sauce chicken lunch.


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