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Monday, March 13, 2006

Marine Drive Ride

I'm a government worker, so I work nine hours eight days a week and eight hours one day and get one day off every two weeks. The upshot of all that is that I was off today, so my friend Kevin (picture) and myself set off to do a local ride. I started at Gresham Main Street park and met Kevin at the intersection of the I-205 and Springwater bike paths. We rode up the I-205 path to Marine drive and then went east right into the wind until Blue Lake park where we stopped for a Cliff bar break. Had been cruising about 18-22 MPH up until Marine drive, then 12-15 against the wind. I hate wind! Coming back the same route we hit 30 MPH on the flats of Marine drive with the wind, cruised around 25-27. Then a lot slower back up the I-205 path and Kevin left at the same intersection and I rode on back to Gresham. I stopped to take a picture of a runner with a Seattle Marathon shirt running on the Springwater trail with Mt Hood dominating the skyline, but it was too bright and Mt Hood didn't show up. I haven't learned how to use the camera enough to take it out of auto and get pictures like that. The ride ended up being 39+ so I rode a little more and back to the Jeep at exactly 40 miles with a 15.7 MPH average speed. Yes I am a geek, I keep a spreadsheet of all my rides and runs and hikes with avg mileages. Last year my average bike ride was 47.9 miles, this year I only have a quarter of the mileage I had at the same time last year- oh well.


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