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Friday, March 17, 2006

Gresham Blind Dog Ride

Back on the 4th of March I went for a training ride from Gresham to the Guide Dogs for the Blind place and then across Highway 26 to Orient Drive and back to Gresham. Went with my friend Steve (on the left) and one of his friends John (on the right). The first part of the ride until the guide dog place we were going a normal 17-18 MPH pace. As I talked to John about the bike races I'd done the pace picked up and on the way back we were zooming along at 22-27 MPH- good race training pace. The numbers for this ride were 21.6 miles at a 16.8 average.
If you haven't seen the Guide Dogs for the Blind place, it's just off highway 26 between Gresham and Sandy. They have a really nice campus with large trees and several buildings.
Going up to Seattle on Sunday to do the Big Climb, hopefully I'll post that on Monday.


  • What Handsome Guys!!!

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