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Monday, March 27, 2006

Bridge 2 Bridge Run

Sunday I got to run over the Fremont bridge (picture) with 600+ other people during the Bridge 2 Bridge 10K run. The run was another benefit for leukemia and the weather was ok, cold but dry. When I parked downtown in a parking garage and started to leave the garage a very pretty young girl (low 20's) asked if I were going to the race, so we walked over together. When we got to the start line there were 20 or so port-a-potties, but a line snaked around three times, so we jumped in line and after that the race was ready to start. At the start line 600+ people had to filter through one lane over the start mats- it looked like a popcorn machine with everyone bouncing in place unable to really move. I walked across the start and after about 20 yards was able to start running and moved around some people and found a good stride. The first bridge was the Broadway bridge and then down and under it along Interstate avenue, I believe. Then a steep climb up to the ramp onto the Fremont bridge which is an interstate bridge (I-405). I would have preferred to run on the top level, but the route went to the lower level which was fine with my legs. At the 5 mile mark I looked at my watch and I was 3 minutes below my time during the Red Lizard 5-miler. Then down through downtown where I said thanks to the policemen who had traffic stopped and across the finish line 10 seconds slower than my fastest 10K ever which was the Columbia River Bridge run in 2004. I crossed the line at 54:08 which is an 8:43 pace. After walking a little and stretching they had free pizza and beer, so I got a cheese pizza slice and some water. After awhile I met up with the young girl again, Diane was her name, and I gave her my beer ticket since I don't drink. After she ate, we walked back to the cars and she was really excited- it was her first event and she really enjoyed it. Afterwards, being short of money I went home for lunch instead of trying a nice downtown restaurant.


  • Jeff,

    I've always wanted to do that. I think the lower deck of the Fremont Bridge was probably the best but I know what you mean about running on the top deck. Sounds too much fun. Maybe next year.


    By Anonymous Kevin, at 9:11 PM  

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