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Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Sheppard Ride

Yesterday my friends Steve and Lynn wanted to go riding at 6PM. It was another beautiful sunny 70 day and the reports say our 2 week drought will end this weekend, so have to take advantage while we can. Steve and Lynn rode their tandem and I was able to stay with them on the flats and downhill, we cruised at 22 when traffic allowed and made it out past Gresham to Good Sheppard Church and then turned around and headed back for 14.2 miles at a 15.9 average. It was getting dark when we got back, so I didn't take a picture. Afterwards Lynn made sauteed shrimp on rice and a feta cheese salad and toll house cookies- as she says "we ride to eat!" One of their neighbors called over and told me they saw me on TV (my commercial). Lynn's father said he saw me on channel 12 during American Idol. When I went swimming Tuesday at Mt Hood community college, a couple of people I always talk to said they saw my commercial.
Read a post the other day on Green Pea's site that really got to me. She talked about raising her kids on her own after her husband died. She had no choice really, but I took the kids after my divorce and made the conscious decision to raise them on my own- was that the right choice? Did I deprive them of the social structure of a stepfamily? Now it's been six years since my last date and I'm clueless how to start again. Anyway, it worked out the kids are wonderful, healthy, and doing ok and I'm on TV, doing triathlons, healthy, with a house and secure job and friends who do stuff with me- the blessings are numerous!


  • I want to know how you always score great food everytime you train??? I think you've got this gig all figured out ;). Thanks for the kind words. I'm flattered. Reading that you've raised both your kids alone had to be tough. Whenever I hear someone else's story...a tough time as a single parent or a caregiver, I feel such compassion. Strnage, like I can't re;ate either of those things ever happened in my life. The here & now...what they are dealing with, is what's important. I also think it's got to be a little tougher for men. No particular reason, I just think we're wired a little differently. Hats off to anyone that has or is doing it... sometimes it's last thing you'd want to hear though, huh? No medals. Just doing everything we can to do it right.
    Have a great weekend and go for a ride...do I smell something cookin? ;)

    By Blogger Deb, at 8:19 AM  

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