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Monday, October 24, 2011

Albany Sprint Triathlon II

Back around the 9th of October (same day as the Portland Marathon) I did the Albany Sprint triathlon for the second time this year. The first one was back in April, this one was the same pool and same course, just a lot fewer people. Rode down in the Headhunter van and it was misting and sprinkling the whole way down. Got to the High School and set up the bikes and got numbers and t-shirt and it was only misting at that time. Watched Terri's wave and then it was our time to swim. I was in a lane with coach Denise and a guy named Kirk Rose. He's over 60, but has been at almost every Oregon tri I've raced and he usually wins. There was someone in our lane from the last wave still, but they wanted to start our wave anyway, so she said "get him out" and said "go". We were still on the deck so we all three jumped in and took off in a line about 10 seconds after our wave started. Denise led the whole way and I stayed right there. I think we did a 12-13 minute 750 yard swim. Since Canada I haven't worn my watch and they didn't have splits at this race. Ran out to transition and it was wet, but not raining. Took off on the bike and tried to stay at 19-20 the whole time. Passed Matt and said hi. After about 8 miles of pedaling along at a good clip but not zooming, coach Denise caught up to me and said "jump on", so I sped up and we pace lined for about 2 miles until she passed someone and I couldn't accelerate to stay with her. Came into transition about a minute behind Denise, but threw on the shoes and knee braces and took off. Saw Denise up ahead and stayed within sight of her. Matt flew past running like the wind, then Kirk Rose passed me just a little faster than me. When he got up to Denise I heard her say "hey lane mate" and speed up to stay him. I sped up to keep the same distance as before, but I was pushing it and couldn't close the gap. Anytime there was a curve, she would see me back there say something and speed up. I stayed within sight, but finished about 40 seconds to a minute behind her. A big enough group of Headhunters were done that they did a loud "moo" as I finished. (I moo at cows on bike rides) Stayed for awards and every Headhunter (8 of us) got a ribbon. I got 2nd place in my age group and coach Denise and Terri got 1st in their age group. Then we went to Chipotle in Salem for lunch and Starbucks for the ride home. Probably the first time the whole group has gotten a ribbon, fun day even if wet.


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