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Monday, February 07, 2011

Fairview Path 15K Run

Sunday morning I had set the alarm intending to do the Zena Road Run in Salem. It's a 15K in the hills west of Salem by some wineries I haven't been to yet. The alarm went off, I turned it off and rolled over. A couple hours later I got up and was going to veg the day away when I saw a Facebook message by Brian saying he had run 12 miles. It is an Ironman year, so I got ready and thought I have time for 7 or 8 miles before the Super Bowl. Took Cedrick (my running partner and my Daughter's dog) and went to Gresham city park and started running west on the Springwater trail. Got to the new junction with the Fairview path and turned onto that path over a new bridge over Powell Blvd. Ran a mile down that and crossed Division St and then another mile later it seems to end, but went on the sidewalk around a corner and it started up again for a couple more miles. Got to the Glisan St crossing and the GPS said 4.65 miles- perfect- 9.3 is a 15K, so I guess I was meant to do a 15K. Turned around and went back the same way. Really nice path with only a couple of bad crossings. So ended up with 9.3 miles at a slow 10:04 pace. Cedrick was one happy puppy to get outside and run in pleasant 54 degree weather.
A couple weeks ago I ran the Vancouver Lake half marathon. It was in the 40's this year instead of the normal 30's. Met up with the team van and rode in the team van to the race. Lining up to start I saw Ben who did the Grand Columbian full iron with me in 07. We ran together to start and he said he hadn't run over 6 miles in a long time. I hadn't run more than 9 miles since July last year, so we just went slow and steady and talked and all of a sudden we were past mile 12 and just ran it on in. Finished at 2:10 which is the slowest I've ever run the Vancouver Lake run, but I finished and was happy with it and my right leg only hurt a little.
This year I've also decided to do the Albany sprint tri in April, the Shamrock 15K run in March, and the Onionman Olympic tri in May. Also thinking of doing the Eugene half marathon again this year in May.


  • All of us need some Brians to rub in our face their already completed mileage while we are still in bed!!!

    By Blogger lizzie lee, at 9:46 PM  

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