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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Sharkey Swim and 2010 Recap

For the 5th year in a row I did the Sharkey swim at the club I go to. 5000 meters in a lane with Brian, Bob, and Denise. About an hour and a half or so, just turn off the brain and swim. Getting easier every year. Then pancakes afterwards.
For the year my spreadsheets say, 760 miles of running at a 5.2 avg run. 1664 miles biking with an average of 34 miles per ride. The 1664 is the lowest bike mileage since I've been doing the spreadsheet. For swimming I did 193300 meters for 120.1 miles at a 1611 meter average swim. 45.6 miles of hiking with 12550 feet of elevation gain. The most hiking since 2005, felt good hiking again. For the year, I call 2010 the year of travel. Ran in 8 different states- OR, WA, CA, MI, PA, DE, NJ, NM. Thought I had also run in Idaho, but remembered I forgot to bring my running shorts, so I walked a block or two with Sarah instead. Visited three new capitals, so I have 8 or 9 visited. New life goal is to run in all 50 states. Since I became a triathlete and got the GPS running watch, I've run in 11 different states so far.
Next year, Ironman Canada, Pacific Crest half Ironman, and Pacific Crest Olympic as a family relay with me swimming, Debbie riding, Jeffrey running. Happy New Year to all.


  • Happy New Year Jeff. If any time you need a runner (*) for a relay, please let me know...

    (*) As long as it is not a fast runner!!!!

    By Blogger lizzie lee, at 6:05 PM  

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